Saturday, May 12, 2007

everybodys going off the deep end

I'm busy trying to rope one of the Offspring into writing my post for Mother's Day tomorrow as per my usual tradition. I'm finding that offspring have little use for tradition, which means I'm going to have to FORCE someone to write it.

I once said that I wanted to be a cop so I could scream "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT!!" on a regular basis. Yesterday, when all the offspring had the day off from school, I realized I already say that on a regular basis....

Yesterday Female Offspring #1 had a friend over and they were talking in her room. I was watching The Young and The Restless. When Jack walked into the coffee shop and said to Phyllis, "Victor set me up!" I yelled at the tv screen, "You deserved every minute of it, Jack! Tell her how you took advantage of Vic when he was sick!"
From the other room, I hear, "Who is your mother talking to?"
Female Offspring #1 said, quite matter of factly, "The tv."
Then I hear dead silence, followed by an "ooooooo k then" in a "your mother is crazy" tone of voice. Doesn't *everybody* yell at people on the tv?!
I had no choice. I usually discuss the characters with Holly, but she was watching the Garfield movie on DVD.

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