Wednesday, May 23, 2007

drums keep pounding rhythms to the brain

One of my co-workers called me last night and said that Overtime Hawg told her we're going to be let go at the end of the year because the boss just doesn't have the money to keep us on. Now my immediate thought was the same as hers: why would the boss confide that to her and no one else? My co-worker thinks that O.H. wants her evening shift because there's hardly any work to do. She thinks she's trying to scare her into finding another job now, so she won't have to worry about finding one in December. As IF I don't have enough crap to worry about.
My overall feeling is this: is O.H. clever enough to come up with a plan like this or is she telling the truth? If she's telling the truth, it would be the first time...BWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, couldn't resist.
I DREAD losing my job because my self esteem is all tied up with my work and I don't feel good
about myself if I'm not contributing to the upkeep of the house/family financially.
And NATURALLY I end up in a field where I'm losing/getting new jobs all the time. I just keep telling
myself that if I do lose my job, I know I'll quickly move on to something better and better paying. Yep, it's all about psych'ing myself.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "I do need to lose a little weight. I had a threesome last week, and I was all by myself. " Larry the Cable Guy

Here's a little advice for you, my many, many reader. DO NOT under any circumstances think
you can do an hour of TaeBo AFTER working a nine hour day and AFTER partaking in hott monkey sex. Especially after TWO screaming O's. One is exhausing enough.
Exercise and yawning just don't go well together.

What the heck happened to "Men In Trees"? ABC was running the episodes weekly then stopped abruptly back in February. I keep reading that it's been renewed, but why the heck didn't they finish this season? Most shows end in May, not February. Then WW showed me a blog that said the show was going to conclude with a couple eps in May. It's the 22nd and still no sign of the show.
Hell, by the time the show starts up again in the Fall, I'll have forgotten what the storylines were about.

I totally hate the stock market and all things related, but lately I've gotten hooked on reading about my Hott Cops site status on Apparently the "value" of Hott Cops shot all the way up to $8, 544 in January for no reason that I can figure. It remained high for two months, then dropped all the way back down to $3,544 in April. Damn you, April, and your showers!

What I found funny about the entire process, though, was when guys voted on what type of "industry" the Hott Cops site represented. Some of their responses were: law enforcement, photoblog, civil service, photography, society, hobbies, female and English. Gee, "English". There's a big label of nothingness. I hate to tell them, but they're ALL wrong. Hott Cops is a SEX BLOG. As in "I wish I be having sex with these hott guys...."


bugs said...

OH needs to watch "My Name is Earl" and learn about karma. Because this is gonna turn around and bite her in the ass.

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, but she's 70. She won't be in the work force much longer.

BRUNO said...

At least with the next job, you'll be free of O.H.! And if ya' get another just like her, start the FIRST day off just right, by planting your foot directly in "new-O.H.'s" ass, thereby removing any doubt about who's in charge, right from the word GO!!!

70??? What the hell is wrong with people today? She can't be THAT bad off for money at that age, and if she is, she might as well give it up! If she ain't made it by now, she ain't gonna! But that's just THIS assholes' opinion!

*Goddess* said...

Her husband works, too, and he's 72! Hell, they just bought a brand new gas guzzlin' SUV, they own three homes AND he just put $35k into his brother's dry cleaning business, but no, they're poooooooooooor! That's why she has to take everybody else's overtime.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she just gave you an out for her birthday gift. You can claim stress and suffering from hearing this distressing rumour (and it is just a rumour at this point) coming from the horse's mouth via another co-worker. With all that stress and anxiety, somehow her birthday slipped your mind... conveniently, of course. Hee.


*Goddess* said...

LOL! Great idea, Stacey. I've already decided that "I forgot" to bring her gift to work tomorrow. That'll buy me a whole other week until I go back. Actually I haven't even bought anything. I'll probably get her a damn box of Dollar General chocolates....yummy!

Mushy said...

$3500 huh, wow! My lowly $450 don't quite match up.