Tuesday, May 08, 2007

does that make me crazy

Congratulate me. I'm officially old. Last night I was in bed by 8:05 p.m. However, as many times as I was awakened during the night, it's a good thing I got a head start on my sleep.

Well thank goodness CNN had the sense to address that idiotic "don't buy gas on May 15th" email I was talking about the other day.
They said the exact same thing, that changing the days you buy gas will NOT take any money out of the oil company profits and changing your driving habits--cutting back, car pooling--is really the only way to send a message.
I get so disgusted when I get these sorts of emails that now I'm starting to argue the logic of them with the senders. And if the news casters say, "But the good news is that ANALysts say the prices will be leveling off"
ONE MORE FREAKING TIME, I'm gonna scream. Obviously, we know it's a bold faced lie. We've heard it every time the prices have gone up this year.

I'm sure you ALL know by now that I'm a big fan of mineral make-up. Don't lie, guys, you knew that. I hate paying Bare Minerals prices, so I was thrilled to see that L'oreal had *finally* gotten on the mineral makeup bandwagon. That is, until I tried their Bare Naturale. The first ingredient is talc and while their product covers much better than Bare Minerals, it's the sort of powder that lays in the creases of your face and makes you look MUCH older. Avoid it.

So have you heard about/seen the billboard promoting divorce? A group of ALL FEMALE attorneys slapped up a billboard featuring the ample bossoms of a woman in black bra and undies on one side and the muscular naked chest
of a man on the other side. In the center it said, "Life is short. Get a divorce." It's nice to see someone taking the sancitity of marriage seriously, isn't it?
What a load of shit. These chicks are as bad as ambulance chasers. They need to put their little poster on a business card and pass them out at bars.
The fact that this billboard came from FEMALE lawyers is even more insulting. If male lawyers had slapped up a billboard like that, the women would have been pissed and accused the lawyers of being sexist pigs promoting casual sex.

Well, BigPharma remains in control of the Senate. The Senate voted down a measure that would allow U.S. citizens to buy prescription meds from other countries. Not to worry, Americans, Bush already said he would veto it if it passed. Soooooooooo wonderful that he would do that for OUR SAFETY, isn't it? It's comforting to know the President is looking out for our welfare.
Fuck the fact that we have to pay such high prices for 'scripts and that a lot of Americans can't even afford the drugs their doctors have put them on, as long as we're SAFE. Ya know it's weird, but I haven't read any stories of Canadians dropping over dead from bad 'script drugs. But I'm sure they have and that half the country is dead by now, and it's all a big media coverup. Perhaps if Bush REALLY wanted to keep us safe, he'd demand stricter/more frequent inspections of foods and produce coming in from foreign countries.

Criss Angel was on Oprah yesterday, and he asked her to think of a number and he would guess it. He then narrowed it down to a number between 11 and 20. The minute he said "11" Oprah's eyebrows raised sharply and when he said the other numbers, she had no reaction. When he guessed the number 11 correctly, which I figured out right away by her body's response, but he explained that he had "gotten inside her head" and that's how he knew the answer. Bullshit. He was reading her body language.
The funny thing was you could tell she believed him about the "getting inside her head" stupidity.


Ron Southern said...

Credulity is a wonderful thing. You can tell some people anything.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, we don't have as many whacky drugs up here that Americans do, and the ones that border on medical miracles aren't given out freely like they seem to be down there. Every drug up here is regulated up the wazoo before the doctors are given samples to hand out to patients. We hear a lot of, "If you want that course of treatment, you will have to go south. This is Canada, and our health care system can't afford heavy duty drugs like that." Our gov't keeps a close eye over what is created, what is tested and what gets to be dispensed because the costs are so wild. We do pay in upfront should we need it at the end of the day, but our gov't is excessively sensible about it all. Now, if we could just get them to loosen the purse strings to clear up long wait times we'd be rockin' out!


*Goddess* said...

You know why there are so many "miracle drugs" down here, right? Because the drug companies are giving the doctors HUGE finanical incentives to pimp their damn garbage. Trips, pools, money...all sorts of shit that leaves me very worried anytime the dr. tries to put Mr. G on a new pill. I wonder "is he doing it because he honestly believes it will help him or is he doing it to get a damn free vacation?"

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, Ron, I guess we'd all like to believe the world is a "magical" place;)

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about our country. The doctors are shielded for the most part from being corrupt by the invasive gov't presence that regulates their asses. Though... I'm sure there are other ways up here for corruption, such as private health care. That's what some rich folks up here want, much to the determent of the whole universal health care system already in place. And it's the ones who hate to wait for their vanity surgeries who are lobbying our gov't the hardest. It's sickening.


*Goddess* said...

As bad as the whole prescription thing is, what upsets me the most is the gub'ment trying to regulate/get rid of our vitamins and herbal supplements. Prescription drugs can cause deaths and they're still permitted, but ephreda was yanked off of the marked because it was "dangerous". It caused deaths because people were not using it in the manner for which it was intended and they weren't using it correctly.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Our national health system has many faults, but I've always just taken for granted free immediate access to medical care. Prescriptions are charged, but means tested, so no one is deprived of meds. I have an under-active thyroid and need daily medication (I hardly know I have it, it's totally under control)and because it's a life-long condition, the pills are automatically free, without any means test at all. I'm staggered any "civillised" country can deprive their citizens healthcare, unless they are personally insured, or able to pay for it..