Wednesday, May 30, 2007

damn, damn, DAMN!

*color me sick to the stomach*
The boss IS running out of money. I knew Overtime Hawg wasn't clever enough to think up a scheme like that. The good news is that I'll actually end up with more hours because she's eliminating one position all together. That of the woman who refuses to do anything. She should have gotten rid of her two years ago because she's only gotten worse as time has gone on. I'll have to work 7 days and then three nights, for a total of ten days in a row, which I have no problem with. Now I'm stressing, though, that my job WILL be over in December, so I have got to pay off as much credit card debt as I can. Luckily we don't have that much cc debt, but if I don't get it paid off, it will matter should I lose my job. Our car will be paid off in November, but that also means we'll be in need of another one at the same time. UGH. I've had this job for five years and I've totally gotten spoiled by having a good boss, so I hope it lasts as long as possible. I just have to keep telling myself that if this job should end, I'll quickly find something I like more with better pay and better hours.

Just when I think they've sunk as low as they can with reality shows,
Bugs sends me this link.

How to make a quick buck: first you commit a crime, then you try to collect the reward on your ass....

On the good news front, I went to the dentist yesterday and he said he can't find anything wrong with my teeth. He x-rayed them and couldn't seen any decay. What I thought was decay was actually a silver filling turned black. He seems to think it's random nerve pain and he told me to use Senseodyne. He said, "My receptionist was having a problem with nerve pain, and she used this tooth paste. It cleared up in one use." Yeah, no wonder. It's almost seven bucks a freaking tube. I'm thinking my nerve pain better clear up right away, too, OR ELSE.

This is too funny. A guy was hiding in the dumpster on COPS, but when questioned he refused to admit he was involved in a fight at a nearby store.
The cop tried again and said, "Ok, what were you doing in the dumpster?" And the kid said, "Chillin'."
The cop said, "You were 'chillin' in the dumpster?" in his very best "how stupid do you think I am?" tone of voice.

This search string in my stats had me chuckling: "how to satisfy a lady with a small penis." Well, there's your problem right there, son. We don't have penises, even small ones.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Get job-hunting honey, someone this good won't be over-looked, and CERTAINLY deserves job security.. you can always tell them no, should things turn out differently.

Why do girlies need a penis? We come with gift-wrapped balls, anyway, don't we?

BRUNO said...

Give her a transvestite, with an equally-small sheep's----NAWWW, I AIN'T STARTIN' THIS ONE!

That "Rat" is hangin' around here, someplace, just waitin' to take the bait and RUN...!

It's a pity the "dot-com" at home business has went to hell---you'd be a natural for it!