Tuesday, May 29, 2007

bite me, G4

Here's my rant: G4 went "interactive" today with COPS 2.0. What a freaking annoying feature. It's across the bottom of the screen and it mixes chat with stupid trivia comments, like "What kind of car is the subject driving?" "Which of the officer's hands did the bird bite?" Then they have live chatters making comments during the episode. It's every bit as distracting (and unnecessary) as the scrolling headlines at the bottom of 24 hour news station broadcasts. What is with our culture that we're not comfortable reading/watching one thing at a time? Must we constantly be bombarded by information? Why do we need to chat online while watching tv?

The screen is full of ENOUGH GARBAGE. We have to contend with the G4 logo in the uppper right hand corner, the PG-WHATEVAH in the upper left hand corner and NOW this crap along the bottom. Why bother to show COPS at all, G4? Why not just fill the whole damn screen with logos and other crap pimping your station?

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BRUNO said...

Yeah, well, just brace yourself for even MORE of this sort of "multi-task viewing"! That's what happens when they make you "pay for what you DON'T want to see! Some assholes like ME are gonna be up shit-creek without a paddle when they all go completely digital---I'm in a "fringe-reception" area as it is, no cable access, and no perfectly clear shot of the southern sky, as needed for a dish. Unless the signal is perfect, with digital, you get NOTHING! Not even a snowy picture, like with the old analog signal.

Just leave me my RADIO....!