Monday, May 28, 2007

because i'm bad i'm bad you know it

Thursday, after work, I stopped in at the candy store to buy some chocolates, even though "technically" I'm not eating them.
(And when I say "technically," I mean "Mr G thinks I'm not eating them.")
The sign on the one display said, "Chocolate eggs, BOGO" so I picked up two boxes thinking they were chocolate FILLED or solid chocolate eggs.
My tooth started bothering me Friday, so I didn't eat any. I knew the sugar would send me through the roof. Thanks to some clove oil, the tooth pain has calmed down tremendously, so I decided to have one of my chocolate eggs that I've been salivating over for days now. SON OF A BITCH, if they aren't MAPLE CREAM. Pardon my French, but I despise maple cream as much as I despise strawberry cream, cherry cream and murderers. In my mind, they should all be outlawed.
Soooooooooo, kids, guess who's getting the second box of maple creams as a belated birthday gift? LOL! Overtime Hawg.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful on so many fronts:

1. The regifting from yourself to her.
2. The shittious flavours.
3. The belated factor.
4. The BOGO sale price rocks (could have only bested if you bought them at a dollar store for her in mind, tho).
5. DH won't ever find out you ate any.
6. Giving them away to save your teeth.

Well played. Well played, indeed.


*Goddess* said...

*Takes a bow*

The great thing is the candy store only uses Saran Wrap to wrap their boxes, so I'm unloading the one I ate one out of, too....LOL! Glad I followed my intuition and didn't leave her gift on Thursday.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ah, revenge is truly a dish best served cold! Brilliant, well done you.. (I'm still laughing.)