Tuesday, May 29, 2007

are you still using that greasy kid stuff?

Isn't it weird how you suddenly recall a song from a long time ago and you still recall the lyrics perfectly? I was brushing Holly's hair and all of a sudden the lyrics to "That Greasy Kid Stuff" by Janie Grant came to mind.

"Delilah was a gal who was as smart as a fox,
She crewcut Sampson's curly locks,
She wiped off the scissors when the job was done,
And whispered softly, Tell me hon,
are you still using that greasy kid stuff?
That icky sticky oooey gooey greasy kid stuff?"

No wonder the dog looks at me like I'm nuts. I wish I could have found it on YouTube. I loved that goofy song.

If you go HERE, you can listen to this song!! You GOTTA listen! Hit the sound button in the brown box next to the song title. I love it! I haven't heard it in ages. And check out this page to listen to some of the great female teen idols. Holy cow, they even have "Navy Blue" by Diane ReNae.

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