Monday, May 14, 2007

are you down for the ride?

After opening my Mother's Day gift, I decided I can't *wait* for Christmas.....when I'm giving all my offspring a free three day mental health "checkup". Female Offspring #1 came home for the weekend, so it was nice to have my family all here together for Mother's Day. Aside from that whole colonscopy thing, it was good to have the weekend off. Usually everyone is home and I'm working. The offspring bought me a hanging basket of flowers and a couple flats of flowers to pot outside. I'll work on those today and tomorrow.

I watched the series ending of The King of Queens. It was incredibly weird. They tried to jam pack a lifetime of "happily ever after's"
into three or four weeks worth of shows. First Carrie wanted to move to an apartment in Manhattan, so she moved out. Doug refused to go. Carrie's father decided to get married, so he moved out, too. Then while attending marriage counseling because Doug's mother insisted on it, Doug and Carrie suddenly decided they wanted to adopt a Chinese baby. Because Carrie lied to him about getting rid of her apartment, Doug said he wanted divorce.
Pretty comical since Mr. G and I have noticed that he lies to her in almost every episode of the nine years it's been on. Just as they were getting ready to adopt the Chinese baby, Carrie found out she was pregnant, so they adopted one and she gave birth to another.Geesh could they jam any more cliché material into one series ending? The only thing that was missing was them winning the lottery. Although, I gotta admit, I LMAO last week at Doug riding around the house in a motorized scooter. It all seemed soooo familiar.
One funny part of tonight's show was when Arthur's bride to be ditched him because he *wasn't* gay and he decided to marry Spence's mom instead.
When she accused him of only marrying her because he was trying to save face, he said, "I'm petty and vain and I thought I could do better. Now I realize I can't." LOL!

Holy smokes! Reba McEntire is sporting some Dolly Parton sized boobs in the
commercials for the upcoming county music award show. Did she have a Britney Spear's type "growth spurt"?

I don't get it. If Brit was so thrilled to shave her head and it was a sign of her independence, blah blah, why is it that every time I see her, she's wearing an incredibly BAD wig?


Anonymous said...

I saw the Reba tits and thought, "Shit! They're coming straight out at me from the tv! Honey, quick, change the channel!!" But, they are presented well at least.


*Goddess* said...

Ok, so it wasn't my imagination. As for the presentation, a sprig of parsley peeking out of the cleavage would have been sweet;)