Thursday, April 12, 2007

your ass is grass....and i'm the lawn mower

We're going to pick out a new living room suit tonight. Our current one is ONLY 27 years old. I think we might have gotten our money's worth out of it.
<--But with summer coming, this is what I really want to buy.

It would be so much nicer than having to use
<--our current riding lawnmower.


BRUNO said...

I've got three of 'em in running condition, sittin' here, collecting dust! Well, not just like the Cadet---a bit LARGER, more like "baby-tractors"!

Seriously(?!), though---it that contraption below is REALLY yours to sell, I'd put it on e-bay! You'd be surprised at the shit people will pay GOOD amounts for on there! (No, you probably wouldn't! But me, well, sometimes I still find things that amaze me!)

*Goddess* said...

Oh hell no that's not really my lawn mower, Bruno. Which one of my lazy assed offspring do you think is going to exercise enough to cut our lawn? (Mothers excluded.)

Damn. Why couldn't I live closer to you?! I could rent one from you! Sigh.

Mushy said...

The Cub is a good choice I hear...and I love the old model. would probably go for a couple of hundrend on eBay.

BRUNO said...

I've got an old horse barn you can stay in, if ya' ever feel the need! That is, if ya' don't mind the mice! Of course, then again, that big ol' six-foot black snake that literally hangs around on the rafters would be more than glad to take care of the mouse problem.....!

As you can see, visitors are ALWAYS welcome at my place! For that "back to basics" break from today's hectic pace!

You're OK, gal! YOU ARE O-K!!!

*Goddess* said...

Sounds like you and my husband would get along GREAT. altough you'd never visit each!

btw, if I'm so "OK" how comes I hafta sleep in the BARN with the rats and snakes?!

BRUNO said...

'Cause the snake likes visitors better than ME! Besides, it's a lot more roomy, and considerably more peaceful there...!