Saturday, April 28, 2007


I don't know if it's indicative of the Burmese breed or what, but every time
<---Little Cat aka Stupid Cat takes a drink of water from the dish, she'll put her front feet in, and with one paw, she'll stir up the water. Then she'll drink with her feet STILL in the water.

Oooooooooo yeah, she's really earned that nickname.


Mushy said...

A cat like that should be put out of it's misery - before it catches something like foot and mouth disease!

*Goddess* said...

She's too dumb to catch! If you knew how many times she brought a live mouse near the house, then got distracted and it got away...oy.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Aww, she looks like our little Jigglypuff. She ran away from home, but with a name like that, who can blame her? (Sudden lightbulb: Hand her back, you theiving bitch, or I'm coming to get her). Sorry, forgot to take the med.'s again. I'll be better in the morning.. x