Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well i'm on my way to the city lights

I don't watch American Idol, but I've read about this Sanjaya dude and his ever changing hair. To me, he looks like a cast member of "That 70's Show."

No way in HELL is the black community going to be satisfied with Imus' two week suspension, and I agree with them. I think he should be fired, too.
"Nappy haired" is one thing, and he might have gotten away with an apology there, but he added "hos" and I think that's disgusting to publicly call
women whores because you don't think they're attractive. And it wasn't an accidental "slip," quickly followed by an "oh my gawd, I'm so sorry."
He knew what he said and he continued on with the conversation as if he had every right to say it on the air. The real irony is that Imus is THE LAST PERSON who should be ridiculing ANYONE'S looks. Then he says, "I'm not a racist." And he's right. He's not a racist. He's a bigot. I do NOT, however, agree that he "stole a golden moment" from the ladies. The fact that he is an ass takes NOTHING away from their accomplishments, unless they allow it to.


Ron Southern said...

Why is this post back in tiny print?

Imus, like Howard Stern, is just an asshole who has made fools of celebrities and politicians in America and seem to have general credibility when their real base of popularity is only with the adolescents who write on the bathroom walls. If anyone in America had any guts, had any balls, had any wits, they'd fire Imus. But I'm not holding my breath because America is the same fucking asshole he is. They should all commit suicide, but I don't expect it'll happen.

Mushy said...

Well, I was thinking something along the same lines as Ron, but damn, who can say it any better!

Good post and good comment.

BRUNO said...

Yes, just like I said in my comment over on Ron's site, concerning this matter---this country does, indeed, have it's priorities in line!!!

I am NOT in one of my better moods at the moment! I think it's something to do with the condition known as, "life in general"....