Monday, April 23, 2007

the tide is high and i'm holding on i'm gonna be your number one

I was listening to CNN yesterday and they were discussing the whole Alex Baldwin phone call tirade with his 12 year old daughter. Besides calling your own child a "rude little pig, " I think the most disgusting thing about that incident is the way mother and dad are using her for their own ends. I had to roll my eyes at the sheer idiocy of Alec saying he was sad to hear his message being played on tv because of what it did to "the child." Yeah, not sad to hear Daddy rant like a lunatic and hurl insults at his young daughter. Sad for what the media is doing to the child. Color him clueless.

The military is so clever. Another story I heard on CNN concerned the Blue Angels precision flying team. Now I never really gave their existence a thought, I always found them to be cool and exciting to watch. But the reporter said the REAL REASON behind the Blue Angels is recruiting! That never even dawned on me until he said it. He said the shows draw millions, the kids think it's super cool and while their excitement is at fever pitch they lure 'em into the military with dreams of flying a fighter jet.

The Soup really enjoys giving it to Tyra Banks. They showed a clip of her with a young child, who said she got upset when the media called Tyra "fat." The Soup dude said, "On the next show Tyra sits down with a group of Iraqui refugees and talks about the tabloids calling her fat." LOL!

My laptop battery life is down to 17 frightening minutes. Oddly enough, I don't seem to miss it. I'm filling my time with quality activities. Yesterday, for instance, I spent a huge chunk of time watching the US Jump Rope Championship on ESPN2. I believe it followed the Scrabble tourney and the Spelling Bee. Sigh. Ok, yesterday I was so freaking bored I sat through "Superstar" with Molly Shannon and Will Farrell. I didn't even change the channel when it got bad--and trust me, it was baaaaaaaad. Although the part where she made out with the stop sign was hilarious. I also saw some COPS reruns, one of which featured Deputy Gavin Foster of the Pierce County Sheriff's D. Yowl, he is SOME KINDA HOTT. Especially with those sexy suspenders. Damn. I'm buying Mr. G a pair of those.....and a police uniform.

Speaking of COPS, South informed me last night that the picture on his new HDTV was so clear, he could see the doughnut powder on the dashboard of the cruiser when he was watching COPS. LOL!

I read an incredibly funny newspaper article on Saturday about folks who were told deregulating electricity prices would bring the cost DOWN. And--get this--THEY BELIEVED IT!! LOL! They couldn't figure out why their monthly bills have gone from $800 to $1800. Oooooh, have we learned NOTHING from cable deregulation?!

Did the Jenny Craig folks deliberately dress Valerie Bertinelli dowdy in her commercial so that she'll look hotter after the weight loss or what?! She couldn't look any more matronly if she tried.

Because I just can't let it go, I clicked on the Gateway link again today to find out where my adaptor is. This time it said, "Has three days passed yet? It's still on the shelf, bitch. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! And don't even be clicking this link tomorrow!"


Mushy said...

It's the American dream...but it don't come free...anyone with the right physical and mental attributes can become a jet fighter pilot.

I always wanted to be one too, but I didn't want to be one bad enough to stay in shape and study harder!

With about 40% of today's youth overweight, I don't know what we will do for military personal of any type in 20 years! Probably a good thing robots are coming along.

The Enforcer said...

South must be mistaken cause we learn in the academy "any kind of donut but powdered" because of the telltale powder gunk gets on your uniform LOL.

And I dont wanna see the Jenny Craig commercial, I want to remember the Vallerie Bertanelli of my youthful fantasies damnit

*Goddess* said...

Yes, I imagine it takes an enormous amount of training and discipline to become a jet pilot.

I'm surprised jelly doughnuts are acceptable, Frank...LOL;)