Friday, April 13, 2007

there's a warm wind blowing the stars around and i'd really love to see you tonight

Ok, people, what have we learned from the firing of Don Imus? Jack shit apparently. People are sending hate mail to Imus and to the women of the basketball team. The idea was to STOP the spread of hateful comments, and yet the ignorant people out there continue to do just that.

Changing gears. Mr. G just called me from work. He was supposed to get the studded tires taken off of my car by the 15th, but they're calling for a HUGE snowstorm on Saturday and Sunday. He said, "I'll get them off on Monday. Surely the cops would understand if...." Ok, right there I started to get nervous...LOL.

Here are your "Are You Smarter Than" questions for the day:
1. 1st grade social studies: "5 of the U.S. Federal holidays always fall on what day of the week?"
2. 1st grade animal science: "What is the largest animal in the world?"
3. 2nd grade social studies: "According to the US Constitution, the President is part of which of the three branches of government?"
4. 4th grade math: "The supplementary angle of a 40 degree angle has how many degrees?"
5. 4th grade math: "What is the reciprocal of 3/4?"
6. 1st grade spelling: "How many of the words for the numbers 1-10 have five letters?"
7. 3rd grade U.S. history: "In what U.S. State was the Civil War battle of Gettysburg fought?"
8. 1st grade earth science: "The period of Daylight Savings Time includes which one of the four seasons in it's entirety?"
9. 2nd grade health: "Typical people have how many baby teeth as kids?"
10. "How many meters are in a kilometer?"
I must be getting smarter (or the questions must be getting dumber-er) because I knew most of these. It's funny how you talk yourself out of answers, too.
When Jeff read question #5 about the reciprocal of 3/4, I immediately said, "4/3's, it's the opposite." Then I thought, "Gurl, are you nuts?! Do you ever remember sitting in 4th grade math flipping fractions? Get real. And get more of those peanut butter cups at the candy store. They were fabulous. Now back to your regularly scheduled stupidity."

We are now the proud owners of a new couch and chair. Well, we will be when it arrives in two months. Maybe it's just me, but it kinda rubs me the wrong way when I'm spending a couple thousand dollars at a store and they charge me $80 to deliver their crap. (As IF that isn't bad enough, if they deliver on a weekend, it's $95!) I said, "You have a delivery fee?" because I know the last time we bought from them, they didn't charge us. He said, "We either tell people right up front it's $80 or we'd have to add it to the price of the furniture." Ya know what? I'd *rather* they add it to the cost cuz it pissed me off when he told me that. If one more f'ing business person tells me they're passing on the cost of high gas to the consumers, I'm going to FREAK. Who do WE get to pass OUR COSTS ONTO?!
We bought the furniture on a two year no payment deal and the lady says, "Even though you won't get your couch for two months, your two years starts today." I said, "So essentially, I'm losing two months of payment time." She said, "Oh you're not losing it because you don't need to make a payment at all." Um, hello? If my time starts today and I don't have my furniture for two months, I'm losing two months, I don't care how you try to explain it away.


WW said...

OK, since I didn't get to watch it last night (cause I was off a friend's house having supper), let's see how many I get right.
1. Monday 2. a whale 3. executive 4. hell if I know 5. 4/3 or 1 1/3 6. 3, three seven eight 7. Virginia? 8. winter 9. 32? 10. 1000.

I saw the commercials with the chick counting her teeth, which I find funny because at that point she doesn't have baby teeth, and most likely has wisdom teeth.

*Goddess* said...

Not bad. You missed three.

I didn't know WHAT that chick was doing in the commercial. When I saw it, she had her hand over her mouth and I thought she was counting something to do with the kids on the panel?