Friday, April 20, 2007

that girl is poison

Ok, I'm going on record: I pick De LaHoya, even though I think Mayweather will win.
I don't think De LaHoya is fighting that well lately, but I pick him because
Veerry scientific strategy on my part.
I do think Oscar needs some facial hair.

Another funny Happy Cow commercial. Two cows are in the barn and the rooster is
crowing. One cow mentions to the other that it's time to get up and out to the "lower forty." The other one says, "What's the rush? Hit the snooze." Next thing you see is the rooster flying out of the barn. LOL! What I wouldn't have given to be able to "hit the snooze" when the neighbor's damn roosters decided to move into our yard.


BRUNO said...

De La Hoya??? Ain't that a brand of cigar??? No, wait---that's Hoya De Monterrey! My mistake!

Goddess here just LOVES the aroma of a fine cigar, don't you??? C'mon now---don't be shy about it! Just be yourself! (But give ME a five-minute head start, first!)

Yes, I know he can whup my ass! Most first-grade kids can.......

*Goddess* said...

Actually the aroma doesn't annoy me. My dad used to smoke cee-gars. It's that icky wet end that you guys keep in your mouth all the time...yuck.