Wednesday, April 25, 2007

take a look at my boyfriend he's the only one i got

Who knew Mushy had so much influence?! After just ONE DAY, my AC adaptor is already in New Stanton, PA!! Next trailer!! Go, Mushy!!

Damn. Just as I started to type this, I got an overwhelming craving for Ramen noodles. Ahh the joys of poverty. Can a craving for macaroni and cheese be far behind?

A few days ago when I talked about Allstate's hott spokesactor, Dennis H, Bugs emailed me and told me that when his commercials first started airing, people thought he was saying "That's Allstate's Stan," instead of "That's Allstate's Stand." Well, I understood him right from the start, but now everytime I hear the commercial, I have to laugh, cuz it DOES sound like "Stan".

An email from my sister alerted me to the fact that my goofy aunt is back in town for a few weeks. I called home and left this message, "QUICK!! Somebody get the "Geese for all Seasons" out of storage and slap them on the front porch! I think we "stored" them in the brown refrigerator in the back yard. Or the stove in the front yard. And for Pete's sake, MAKE SURE THEY'RE WEARING THEIR SUMMER OUTFITS!!!"

I've been trying to catch the last few episodes of "The King of Queens" since it's going off the air this season. Last night, Arthur was renting a video. He told Carrie he was renting a VHS tape because he doesn't
"digital VD player." LOL! Their commercial kept teasing that they were going to have a celebrity on that was "so big they couldn't show his face'. Whoopee. Adam Sandler. After that lame performance, I wouldn't show my face either.

Have you read about the State Trooper that was driving the New Joisey gub'ner when he had his accident? Now they're saying the trooper was possibly text messaging or reading an email while driving. Personally, I don't think this is the case. They suggested that the trooper was reading an email from an angryhusband who knew of the trooper's affair with his wife. I think someone--aka an angry husband--saw this as the perfect opportunity to let everyone know the trooper was having an affair with his wife and to cause trouble for him professionally. If it's true, very clever move.

I can't believe how delusional George Bush can be. When Alberto Gonzales went before Congress to testify about the firings of the attorneys, he used the phrases "I cannot recollect" and "I don't remember" almost 50 times. (My personal favorite was when he said "I don't recall if I remember...") Then Bush says that "Gonzales gave a very candid assessment" of the situation. Gonzales couldn't have been more vague if he tried. And if the number of "I don't remember's" are anything to go by, Lord how he tried.

CONGRATS TO SAM ELLIOT, hottie actor and new inductee to the Hall of Great Western Performers!!!! *swoon*

Russell Simmons was on The Colbert Report last night and he was discussing his new book, "Do You!". Simmons does a lot of Yoga, and talks about the importance of meditation and getting in touch with God/the Life Force within/whatever you want to call it. He told Stephen that it was important to spend time "connecting with thing that unifies us all." Colbert responded, "Anger?"

The other day when I was bitching about my gawd awful license picture, Mr. G said, "I read that the reflection you see in the mirror is not what you truly look like." I said, "So what you're saying is that while I think I look like Faith Hill, I actually look like Roseanne Barr?" Lovely.


Mushy said...

Looney as ever...hope it comes today!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Sheesh girl,

Once you get started there ain't no stopping 'ya!!

If this is you without the AC, we all need to watch out when you get it back again.. hope it's soon!