Sunday, April 22, 2007

sunday morning coming down

At the risk of stepping on Jay's toes, today is Earth Day, people! The only day of the year that it's perfectly acceptable for you to go outside and kiss the ground you walk on.

Since the AC adaptor on my laptop has decided to leave this earth, I've been spending a lot of time reading. Only having one hour of battery time left will cause you to become quite miserly. A couple romance novels I've read lately featured ministers as the heroes, and I'm liking it. I guess my new site, can't be far behind....LOL!

I called Gateway when I got home from work Saturday night and ordered a new adaptor. He said it would be $5.95 for shipping and I asked him the arrival date. He said, "May 1st." For a laptop-aholic like me, trying to make 55 minutes of laptop battery time last until May 1st is a feat and a half. I said, "Don't you have second day air?" He said, "Yes, that would cost $10 and your estimated delivery date is April 30th." WTF?! That made absolutely no sense to me. I pay almost double for it to arrive one day sooner? He went on to tell me that it would take three days just to process the farking order. Even if that were the case, you'd think I'd have the part by the 28th then. I received a confirmation email a few minutes ago, and it said, "Want to know where your order is right now? Click on the order confirmation page." So I did and it said, "Your order is sitting on the shelf, where it will continue to sit until three days have passed, you impatient ass!! Go read a book."


Mushy said...

Are we the only bloggers that post a day ahead?

Hope you aren't out of the water long...

*Goddess* said...

I guess we're the only forward thinkers in the bunch, Mushy...LOL!

I should be able to update my Blogger via my desktop *KNOCK WOOD*, but I'm down to 17 minutes on the laptop...whaaaaaaaaa!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Gee girl,

I'd mug nora, or any other hapless soul, if I had to wait that long..

Feel your pain. Wish I could sent some power up-line! Hold on in there, you'll get through. xx

BRUNO said...

I think I would be checking with my nearest Radio Shack! As a matter of fact, do it online!

A laptop transformer shouldn't be THAT hard to get! But, hold on---it's still under warranty, isn't it? If not, then I'd be 'Shack-bound!