Saturday, April 21, 2007

i think i'm in trouble

Sweet weeping Jebus! Male Offspring #5 sent me a link to GodTube yesterday. And NOT ONE Jesus Christ Superstar clip to be had. How long before the Devil demands equal airtime with SatanTube? Annnd not to be outdone, the BlessedVirginMaryTube?

I came home from work last night and saw a new sign in our front yard. I rounded up all the usual suspects, aka the offspring, and said, "Ok, where did the sign that reads 'Secured by ADT' (the in-home alarm system) come from?"
Male Offspring #7 laughed and said, "I stole that from the neighbor's yard. Cool, huh?" Too damn bad the sign wasn't secured.

Have you seen the new Kia Spectra commercial where there's a bunch of Kia's fighting over good parking lot spaces, zooming in front of each other, then braking sharply? What they don't show you is that after that commercial was filmed, all the Kias required new brakes, which cost several hundred dollars. IF you can find the parts, that is.

They were showing some police training vids from Dooly County, Georgia on Spike yesterday. Good Lord, Mr. Ford, those deputies were HOTT!! They were big and beefy, and well, I don't remember much else because it was at this point that I started to drown in my own drool, and I had to quickly change the channel.

Ok, that anti drug commercial where the kids use leeches grosses me out every time I see it. Especially when the kid pulls his lower lip out to reveal a leech. UGH!!!

Another movie coming out on the 24th that I have on my NetFlix queue is "The Queen." That's it. I just felt you needed to know.

When I was looking for the eggplant yesterday, I was chatting with the produce dude. I commented on how expensive the produce was, and he said, "I find I get much better deals on produce at BlahBlah Market. I work here and I can't even afford their food. You ought to check out the prices at BlahBlah." While I appreciated him
telling me about cheaper prices, I thought, "if you think you can't afford the food when you're working, how are you going to afford it if the store closes because you're sending the store business elsewhere?"

There's an article on MSN about the 5 pairs of "must have" shoes for men and one is the wing-tip. I *heart* wing tip shoes. I think they are soooo sexy. And that's my two cents.


Mushy said...

I wore wing-tips back in the 80s...when I was a sharp dressed man...and my feet didn't hurt!

*Goddess* said...

Well ya know, every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man;)

BRUNO said...

Boy, she was QUICK on THAT ONE, wasn't she???