Wednesday, April 18, 2007

now with "new car smell"!

Today's going to be one of those fun days of running around. I'm going to nail down that license picture today before my hair gets too unruly.
Then the pooch needs some new bones and chew sticks, and I need to pick up some stamps and Mr. G's whole grain bread.
Only thing is each trip takes me in another direction. The bread place doesn't open until 10, which I think is too late. I wanted to be back home by 10.
DMV opens 8:30, WalMart is 24/7, so I basically have to get a later start because of the bread store.

Poor Hol. After I put that flea stuff on her, she laid around all day yesterday.
She's groggy and miserable. (Hence the guilt trip to WalMart for her favorite sticks.) I have to find something healthier for her because I'm not happy using that garbage.

I was reading an article about JLo and MarcA apparently being on the road to Splitsville. Friends are alleging he is too controlling.
It's funny how that works. When you're dating, it's like, "Oh, he loves me so much. He wants to be with me all the time. How romantic."
Fast forward three years into the marriage: "He's SUFFOCATING me with his jealous possessiveness!!"
They better not be breaking up because I just read some article in which she claimed that he "completed" her. Gawd, I hate when
couples say that. It's almost as trite as "we're two hearts that beat as one"......with usually one mind between 'em.


bugs said...

And that mind is usually in the man's pants....

*Goddess* said...

LOL! True...