Monday, April 16, 2007

a look from you and i would fall from grace

After we finished walking Holly last night around 5ish, I sat down with my laptop to enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea before I took my shower.
When she saw me coming out of the shower later, Holly sat up on the couch and looked at me as if to say, "Oh, gawd, you're not going OUT tonight, are you?"
I said, "Don't worry, Holly. You've managed to attach yourself to the one person on the planet with no life. I'll be in my pajamas by 5:30 p.m.."
She sighed in relief and flopped back onto the couch. Oh to be so damn predictable...

For some weird reason--NO LASSIE JOKES!!--I have been craving bacon something awful lately. I know when I craved hamburger, I was lacking Vitamin B12, but I have no idea what I'm lacking with this craving. I don't like salty stuff, so I'm thinking it must have something to do with the fat. I've never really eaten a diet high in fat anyway--sugar, yes--so I don't know why I'm lusting after every porker I see suddenly. Maybe that's why I kept drooling everytime they showed the smokehouse in Charlotte's Web.

I'm kinda disappointed in my Billy Blanks Power Rounds DVD. On the front of the DVD it says, "30 one minute tae bo power workouts," and I thought that meant we'd be doing 30 different exercises @ 1 minute each. That's not the case.
By the time we finish warming up, we're on Round Six. And it basically ends on Round 28. The first exercise, which is "in and out," is done about three minutes. And there's a LOT of down time in between rounds, which I don't like. Of course, Billy stresses that we keep moving, but just moving in circles is not exercising. Because there's so much down time, I'm using this DVD as an extra, after I've done a good full one hour work out. The DVD is ok because he's chosen a lot of the moves that I like, but I'm disappointed that it wasn't 30 different moves. I think that would be really challenging. I could have thrown the "Upper Body Workout" DVD against the wall when I realized it's done with those stupid resistance bands. I've avoided buying any of the Boot Camp series *because* it relies on the resistance bands, and I don't care for them, and I end up buying one accidentally. I wish he'd get away from the resistance bands and sculpting tool and back to his good, basic workouts.
Again, it didn't say that I needed the bands in the description,
but I should have known as soon as I saw the words "Boot Camp."

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