Thursday, April 12, 2007

it's a turn down day and i dig it

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Ooooo, I didn't realize tomorrow is Friday the 13th.
Yay! I always have pretty good luck on Friday the 13th.

Whoa. I see Nordstroms is selling a pair of jeans that promises to lift your butt and flatten your stomach, resulting in a look that is one size smaller than your current one. Ladies, if we combine those jeans with a bra that makes our boobs look bigger and higher, WE WILL RULE THE WORLD!!
Unfortunately, we'd also have to begin undressing in the dark.

I watched Barnyard yesterday and I have to say, I love these animated flicks. It's pathetic that I find them more enjoyable than "mainstream" movies. Again, though, the thing that confused me about Barnyard is the "male cows". Didn't know they existed. To hear Sam Elliot's
voice coming out of an animal with udders is just wrong, people. But who knew he had such a great singing voice?! He sang a fantastic version of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down." Sam Elliot is one of my all time favorite actors and it's comical because he seems to be turning up in a lot of movies lately. He was in "Thank You For Smoking," and then I discovered him in "Barnyard" yesterday. I didn't recognize Courtney Cox lending her voice to "Daisy" at all. One of my favorite scenes was the cow tipping scene. The "male" cows are near a fence and they see some snotty kids tip over a cow. The boy yells, "That's called cow tipping!" They decide to get even, so they steal a neighbor's car and sneak into the boys room. They push him out of his bed and yell, "That's called boy tipping!" Then they speed off in the car, drinking milk and celebrating when a police car comes up behind them. The officer is on a COPS like show so he's got a camera crew with him and he's talking about the speeders just like they do on the show. It was hilarious.
I also liked the scene where the horses are doing the River Dance in the barn and they go by the stage name of "Lord of the Hoof." The bonus footage of Kevin James talking to cows as he prepares to play a cow is hilarious, too, especially when he starts eating a hamburger in front of them. If I love it, the kids are sure to love it. I give it five out of five. Next up: "Night In A Museum."


Mushy said...

Sam is a favorite of mine too, especially in westerns. I have a friend that reminds me of him and the guy laughs at anything I say...can't beat a friend like that!

Have you seen the commerical for Arby's where the chimps do a river dance routine? Do you have Arby's where you are?

BRUNO said...

OK, so I see your little "character" at the top, and, my vision being a bit off at the moment, I thought, "Huh, she got RIVETED??? Damn, that'd HURT!" And THEN I rubbed my eyes, and realized, hell---that ain't no rivet! It's a squirting penis!

I think it's time for a NEW bottle of eye wash, maybe...!

*Goddess* said...

Sam plays a farmer in one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, Prancer. I think he's incredibly HOTT! And that voice is so sexy.

We have Arbys here, but I've never seen that commercial.

Ooooo, I was "riveted" all right, Bruno....LOL!