Thursday, April 26, 2007

it's a beautiful day in pennsylvania

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And I am so happy to have my little laptop back in working order. Now I can take my time and read my favorite blogs without worrying that my computer will freeze. AND I can actually open more than one page at a time. My desktop might as well have a "Commodore 64" insignia stamped on it. It's a freaking dinosaur. I need more RAM and memory on it, but mostly more RAM.

If you have any package leaving Tennessee, just contact Mushy and he'll use his influence at UPS to get it sent right out! I am so glad I didn't pay extra for second day air because regular shipping had it here within three business days anyway. YAY!
Now I'm thinking maybe my battery is slowing down, too. I'm 99% sure I should have three hours of power when it's fully charged, but I only have two now. Hmmm....

Ya know, sometimes a gal's just gotta have it....

The other night I had a lousy case of heartburn--something I rarely get--and usually I take apple cider vinegar in warm water. That cuts it right away. We didn't have any of that, so I looked for my second favorite, baking soda in water. I couldn't find any of that either, so I was lying down, praying for it to pass when Male Offspring #2 brought me a glass of water with baking soda. I was so thrilled that he found the baking soda that I drank it right down, breaking my Number One Mom Rule: If your child asks you to drink, eat or smell something,
always ask questions first. I handed him the glass and said, "Where did you find the baking soda? I looked everywhere." He said, "There's an open box in the refrigerator. I'm surprised you didn't think of it. It's been in there for about four years now." UGH.

On my way to work in the morning, I drive through our local school zone. If I start at 8:30, there's usually a cop sitting near the school, "encouraging" people to slow down. Monday morning he was in his usual spot, head thrown back against the head rest, mouth wide open and you just *know* there was some serious snoring going on there. LOL! I'm guessing he had a long night.

So Rosie is leaving The View. Body language says it all. If you see the clip of Rosie announcing her departure, check out Joy Behar and Liz Hasselbeck's decided lack of response. They're showing no emotion because they're so busy singing "Oh, Happy Day!" in their heads.

The Today Show was on at work this morning when I arrived and the topic was "Wet Nurses." For those of you who don't know what a "wet nurse" is--though I'm guessing everyone does--it's a woman who breastfeeds other people's babies. On one hand, I have to commend these mothers for trying to give their baby the best possible start in life, and to let someone else do for them what they can't/don't want to. On the other hand, I would be afraid to have anyone else nurse my baby because of viruses and any other germs they might pass on via the breast milk. One thing that really caught my attention during this segment was when a woman said, "This is good for mother's who don't have time to feed their baby." Ok, seriously, people, if you are sooooo busy that you don't have the time to sit down and feed your baby, you have no business having a baby.

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Mushy said...


I need a little something to do to fill in time between reading my 75 blog buddies, so I might try my hand at "Wet Nurse Priming", you know to keep things loose and working.

I could just add that into my normal volunteer work doing "Buddy Check 10" services in the neighborhood. That a service to remind local housewives when they should do their self-exams, only I take things into my own hands and make it easier. With "Wet Nurse Priming" I could perform an extra service at the same time.

Have you done your self-exam this month Goddess? If not...I'll be right over.