Saturday, April 14, 2007

i see, said the blind man. i saw, said the carpenter

I was working on my laptop at the living room table last night and I sorta lost track of Holly. I knew she was in the room,
but if I don't hear crashing or tearing (violent screaming is also a bad sign), I don't worry too much about what she's doing.
Suddenly, I noticed the palm and pussy willow branches Mr. G brought home on Palm Sunday, which were laying behind my laptop, were slowing
moving across the table. Then I heard a quiet, but distinct crunching sound....sigh.
I'm fairly certain a dog is doubly holy if it eats something that's been blessed. And I'm praying it will drive the evil spirits out of her.

Pancho--who has sent me several interesting news story links--
sends this one, which points out the differences between what men and women look at first when viewing nude pictures of the opposite sex. I checked myself and I'm not using any hormonal contraceptive. Puhleeze. If you've learned nothing from me, I HOPE you've learned that a woman with 16 offspring is NOT using any birth control. Besides, I wouldn't put that garbage in my body, she said, as she took another bite of her Little Debbie snack cake.
If I'm viewing a nude picture of a man, OBVIOUSLY my eyes go immediately to his cock. I mean, how could they not? It's POINTING at me!! Practically SCREAMING, "Look at me! You know you want to!" And indeed, I do. From there, I look at build--hell, he's naked. Again it's hard to miss. Then I look at face.
If the guy is fully clothed, I look at his face first, badge, gun and handcuffs second, build third, crotch last.
Ok, 'fess up. What do *YOU* look at first?


Mushy said...

I might look at his weapon then turn the page.

This is my weapon - this is my gun
This one's for fighting...
This one's for fun!, I would never look at his my own.

*Goddess* said...

Umm, ok, I guess I better clarify. You GUYS would be looking at NAKED CHICK;)

BRUNO said...

Yeah, you forget that you have a few of the "Real Men Who Cook" that read your blog!

Time to go microwave a hot dog! Wanna join me? I'm cookin'! (Mushy's gonna bring THE ONE BEER EACH!)

BRUNO said...

And by the way, it ain't SNOWING here, either! Lesse, WHERE is it YOU live? Isn't it ANTARTICA??!!

Sorry! Couldn't resist the "final rag of the day"!

*Goddess* said...

It's not snowing here now either, but "THE STORMS A COMIN', PA!!" Or so they would have us believe...

Mushy said...

You all can come down fer the weekend, but I won't be here mush next week.

Call first!