Monday, April 09, 2007

how does it feel to know i love you

Guess what Overtime Hawg bought our boss, the diabetic, for Easter?
A *huge* solid chocolate Easter basket filled with candy. Every diabetic's dream gift.

I was disappointed that I missed our annual Easter egg hunt yesterday afternoon, but I had to work. From what I hear it wasn't too much of a success. I wonder why?
Green eggs on green grass. Hmmmmm, what could have been the problem?

Yesterday a racoon was on the edge of a highway overpass in California.
People at a nearby flea market called animal control and when they didn't show immediately, they called 911. While an officer approached the animal, rescue workers held a tarp below but the coon jumped without warning and fell within a few feet of the tarp. It was immediately rushed to a nearby vet's office. The coon was treated and later released into the woods,
where it will no doubt be shot while rooting through someone's garbage.

Wow. You really have to wonder about people's though processes. Or lack thereof, maybe. I was watching CNN this morning and I saw the story of a Texas nurse who thought she was going to be fired because she hadn't completed a project, so she started a fire in the office to divert attention. THREE PEOPLE DIED, and all because she *thought* she *might be* fired. Damn.

Bugs sent me this story about a school that changed the name of the Easter Bunny to Peter Rabbit because they felt "Easter Bunny" was "too Christian."
What does the Easter Bunny have to do with religion and Christianity? Zip, zilch, nada.
Although if we follow their line of thinking, Easter bonnets and Easter candy are also Christian symbols. And while I found solid chocolate bunny to be sinfully delicious, I don't think he's Christian.
(Psssst, I think my bunny was a Jew because he was half-price. Ok, ok, he was half-price
cuz I bought him this morning. My apologies to Jewish rabbits everywhere...)

Just when I think the dairy industry has tried every angle to get people to drink milk, they find a new way to pimp their product. First they said it helps you lose weight, despite the fact that it's full of fat and sugar. Then they said it helped prevent diabetes, which was pretty funny because again some milk, yogurt and even cottage cheese products are full of sugar. They said it did a body (and your bones) good, but that doesn't explain why we have such a high number of people with osteoporosis in this country if milk is so doggone good for you. NOW they're saying it helps you stop smoking when compared to sodas. What next? "Cure that crack habit with three servings of dairy a day!" They do these half-assed studies to promote their product. Like the weight loss one, for instance. Milk was also found to help you lose weight when compared to soda. Unhealthy sodas that have more sugar than milk does do not help you lose weight. Wow. That's really groundbreaking, isn't it?

I've been loving the song "Lost Without You". I didn't know who sang it until today.
It's sung by Robin Thicke, son of Gloria Loring (Days of Our Lives) and Alan Thicke (Growing Pains). I love this song, it's romantic with a sexy beat.


Mushy said...

Monday has been kind of rough on ya, huh?

*Goddess* said...

Nah, Monday was hard on the chick that started the fire....*that's* hard;)