Saturday, April 07, 2007

have you called jenny yet?

<--hippity hoppity

Tonight we will partake in the Annual Dying of The Easter Eggs aka Our Eggggggstravaganza!! Last year the offspring begged me to let them handle this duty on their own, and like an ASS, I trusted them. Ok, truth be told, I wanted to watch COPS, so it wasn't a hard sell.
Easter Morning we had all BLACK eggs in our baskets. Seems Male Offspring #6 was "in a funk" and he persuaded all his siblings to dye the eggs black in "retaliation against the System."
Mom="the System."
I'm sure that wasn't a hard sell either.
May I just say the baskets looked particularly festive with all those black eggs.
It's how I've always pictured Dracula's Easter display.

Male Offspring #5--my Jebus freak--is flying high today. Last night he played Peter in a play
about the Crucifixion. For weeks I've been listening to him practice denying Jesus three times.
I never realized how many different ways there were to say, "I am not" in response to "Art thou also of His disciples?"
Sadly, the third time he was supposed to deny Jesus, he saw some good looking chick in the front row and forgot his line. I'm pretty sure a hott chick would have tripped Peter up, too.
When MO#5 looked to Male Offspring #7 for some off stage help, the little brat whispered loudly, "I'm part of His posse!" I managed to assure Male Offspring #5 that no one noticed his little 'slip-up". Things also got a little tense when the rooster refused to crow on cue. Who knew yanking a tail feather could be so effective? If Mr. G ever has any trouble in the--you know "crowing" department--I'm going to pinch his ass really hard and see if that gets a "response".

While I'm on a religion related roll, Mr. G and I were talking about how my mother wanted me to become a nun when I was younger. Yeah, I said "NUN". I think she thought giving birth to a future priest or nun would be her ticket to heaven.
Curses! Foiled again, Mom.
I jokingly said to Mr G, "I hate to tell ya this, honey, but she's still holding out hope I'll leave you behind and enter the convent. On the bright side, after all these years of being married, the vow of poverty won't be a hardship."
He said, "Oh, yeah, smart ass? Well the first thing to go would be your laptop."
"NO WAY! I need that to annoy people with Jesus forwards!"
"Then they'll take away your Court TV *annnnnnnnd* finally your COPS. I'm fairly certain drooling over men is forbidden in the nunnery."
Sigh. I'm not big into the lesbian thing, so I guess I'll have to give the religious life a pass.

Have you ever had anyone on your friend's list/blogger list that you've followed
for quite awhile, suddenly disappear?
That happened to me a couple months ago, and naturally the first thought that ran
through my mind was, "ooh, I'll bet her husband finally killed her."
Hey, I didn't say it was a NORMAL thought to have, just my first one.

If you're a hottie bald guy, SEND ME YOUR PICTURE!! Sigh. Would that it were that easy. Check out the new site by Bald Guyz.
If you know you're hott, register and you could be one of the Bald Guyz O'The Week.
They sent me an email notifying me of the site. Screw that.
I want to be one of the chicks who decides on the Hottie of the Week, damn it!

When I got home from work last night Mr. G informed me there was "fish" in the oven.
Truthfully, I can't see how Gortons and Mrs. Paul's and Van de Kamps get away with calling this stuff "fish". I think it should be called "Fish Flavored Breading Filets." One fish is probably enough for fifty boxes of this crap.

I've been using AOL AIM more lately because Trillian seems to be messing with my system for some reason. It slows things down, and if I'm watching a video when someone sends me a message, it temporarily freezes until the screen comes up. It's weird because I never had problems with it before. But one feature of AIM that I do like is this: if someone were to say "ACCIDENTALLY" X out a chat screen, when it re-opens all of the earlier conversation magically reappears. Sweet!


Mushy said...

For just a moment I was tempted to PhotoShop my head and send it to you, but that would be cheatin'!

BRUNO said...

That and Long Dong Silvers "fish" platters! And, let's not forget DQ's "pop-corn shrimp"! The one thing that always cramps my ass, is how a FISH restaurant plugs it's CHICKEN strips! Must all come from the same vat, huh?

*Goddess* said...

LOL! Good try, Mushy. You would have won though, I'm sure;)

Bruno, I just said to my husband the other day that I wanted to eat at LJS's since we haven't eaten there in years and I luuuuuuv me some Hush Puppies. He said, "Ok, we can eat long as you can tell me which is fish and which is the chicken." Damn!