Monday, April 30, 2007

goodbye april

Wow. Another month has quickly come to an end. Can my May birthday be that far behind??? I can't WAIT to be forty-five!
(Course I said that exact same thing three years ago...)

The NAACP has announced that it will put the "n word" to rest in a mock funeral this coming June. Here's an idea, NAACP, why don't you join us in 2007 and put the word "colored" to rest while you're at it? Then you can be NAAAA. Has a good ring to it, if ya axe me.

The stabbing sensation of a knife in my back is starting to feel real familiar.
Remember how I filled in for Overtime Hawg because she was having problems with her mouth? She found out I was working OT on Tuesday night and she went behind my back, called up the girl who was taking off and said SHE could work those hours since she was already going to be there anyway. This is the woman who was too damn sick to work on Saturday. Uh huh. My co-worker told her that she had already made other arrangements. What a perfectly ungrateful bitch.

But enough of that crap. It is a BEAUTIFUL breezy day in Pennsylvania which means I'm outside hanging up clothes. I have about six loads of laundry to do today. Imagine all the germs I'm collecting, South!! That was the one thing I hated about staying at South's place last time: I couldn't hang my laundry outside. You'd be AMAZED at how many pairs of shorts a piglet goes through in a week.


Shrink wrapped scream said...

Whaooh, you need to kick that slimey vampire to the kerb, and fast girl! Life's too short, believe me!

Listen, I've just read a post, and thought of you.

I hope I've got that right, I'm usless on links (You should empathise, Blond = genetically impaired..) Anyway, 'nuff said. x

*Goddess* said...

I'd like to kick her to the curb, but since she's a co-worker, I'm doing the next best thing: yak about it in my blog and move on. It helps just getting it out to someone other than my po'husband who has to listen to this stuff all the time;)

I'll check the link out...thanks!

Mushy said...

What day in May? Mine is the 25th!

I'll be a bunch!

*Goddess* said...

Cool! Mine is the 20th.