Tuesday, April 17, 2007

fleas help!!

Does anyone know of a GOOD, NATURAL flea remedy for dogs? With summer coming, I'd like to get a jump on the problem now. I tried using those SUPPOSEDLY SAFE flea drops, but I think they must burn my dog's skin. About a minute after I put them on, she'll run and hide. When I find her, the pupils of her eyes are dilated and I can tell she's afraid. I don't believe that they're safe, because they're a form of pesticide. The package instructions warn you not to get it on your skin, but I know when I put it on her skin it's going to get into her bloodstream, even though the vet insists otherwise.

Last year we tried a spray of essential oils, such as eucalyptus, penny royal, cedar, and citronella. While it smells good, it doesn't seem to do anything. It worked better on the cats than the dog.
Then we tried the Diatomaceous Earth. What a mess that was. It seemed to work....for about a day, and then she was scratching again.

Suggestions, anyone?


BRUNO said...

Well, nothing "NATURAL"---but I've used a 5% mix of Sevin(brand name)garden dust/pet flea control at least once a week, for cats and dogs both. Seems to work well for me, but then again, my dog is outside ONLY, and the cats are pretty much outside also. Cedar-shavings for bedding is a good idea, too.

*Goddess* said...

I'm guessing the Sevin would be a lot like the Diatiamecous (oh gawd I can't spell) Earth, but I have that so I'll give it a try. You rub it right into their fur?

Funny thing about the cedar shavings. I had a couple old pillows that the cats liked to sleep on, so I took all the stuffing out of them and filled them with cedar chips. Long story short, they're terrified of them now. LOL! When they made that weird crunchy noise when the cats first walked on them, it scared them and they've never used them since.

*Goddess* said...

FYI, this is why I have Sevin: about two summers ago, I painstakingly planted Coleas across the front of the house. Must have been about 20-25 of them. I love the colors and I figured I wouldn't have to do much work with them. The NEXT MORNING I came outside to water them and sumdumassbug ate EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM. The leaves were all chewed and ruined and when I told my sister, she informed me about Sevin. About 24 hours too late.

BRUNO said...

Cedar shavings probably aren't too well received by cats, but the dogs should love it!

Yep, rub that Sevin dust right into the fur. Best done OUTSIDE!!!

My wife got some kinda stuff from the vet, comes out exactly like shaving cream, contains pyrethrin(?). I think the brand is Zema. You rub it in real GOOD, to the "wet" point, then let it air-dry. Smells like HELL when wet, smells better when dry, in about 5 min. I don't recall the name, and can't find the can, I'll ask her when she gets home from work. Because this stuff really took care of fleas and ticks on the pussys, er, I mean, the CATS!!!

BRUNO said...

Here's the "low-down" on the flea-foam! It's called, ECTO-FOAM, RESIDUAL FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT, made by VIRBAC, INC., out of Fort Worth, TX. But you can only get it through your vet, by request. It's made for veterinary sale, only, and about $13.00 per 9 oz. aerosol can. Looks kinda like a BIG Cheese-Whiz-style can! But, by damn, IT WORKS!!! For dogs and cats, both. Especially made for dogs that are sensitive to conventional sprays, it says---whatever THAT means! Just follow directions. Pricey, but effective!

*Goddess* said...

I'm going to check that out online, Bruno, thanks. I want to avoid pesticides if possible, but I need to start her on something now so that it doesn't get out of hand by the summer. I have a feeling it's going to be really HOTT this summer and buggy!