Friday, April 20, 2007

day of remembrance

I hope people will take a moment and pray for the family of the VA Tech shooter today, as well as for the victims. They not only have to deal with the loss of their son, but with the fact that he caused the deaths of so many innocent people.
I read that his family is under police protection and as a parent, I KNOW that they are experiencing a tremendous amount of anguish, too.


Shrink wrapped scream said...

Salient point, Goddess,

How the hell would anyone cope, being where they are now?

Mushy said...

I agree that they are in anguish and a prayer should be said for them as well, and I have done so.

However, I partly blame parenting for the violence and general meanness in young people today.

Too many parents become distanced from their kids, letting them lead independent lives within the same household. They are too selfish with their own time and expect the children to entertain themselves.

You have to know your children and be involved enough to know when they are up to no good, or need to talk some issue out. If they live in their bedrooms, texting, gaming, computing, music world all the time, then they don't know the parents or anyone well enough to talk out problems, or for parents to see that they have problems.

There is just too much freedom today. You have lead by example and if you can't show love while sitting around the dinning room table talking about life, then they never learn or pass on the example.

They end up solving their problems as they do in their video games...killing everything standing in their way.

We need to make contact and keep contact with our children or we'll end up suffering the same anguish. "I should have done more."

*Goddess* said...

The sad thing is that when your kids keep shutting you out and refusing to let you help, after awhile, you don't want to get hurt anymore by their rejection either, so a distance forms. But yeah, I agree there's a tendency to just buy them stuff and hope that will satisfy their need for attention.

I was wondering where you were;)