Tuesday, April 24, 2007

danger there's a breakdown dead ahead

As I purge this drivel from my body, like so many e coli filled hamburgers, I'm listening to one of my all time favorite songs, Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs. I love this song. "Heart of Mine" by Scaggs is all time great, too.

And so Day 99 of being without my laptop begins....
Ok, ok, so maybe it's only Day 2, but it sure feels like it's been forever. I'm trying to fill my day with productive activities. Let's check out yesterday morning and see how I did:
5:40-7:20 exercised
7:20-7:30 showered for work
7:30-8:00 sobbed when I realized I couldn't take my laptop to work
8:00-8:05 dressed and left for work
8:05-8:30 sobbed the entire way to work; discreetly checked out several hott cops at Sheetz through the tears
8:30-9:00 arrived at work and ate breakfast
9:00-9:20 worked
9:20-noon ate, sobbed, sobbed, sobbed, ate, ate, sobbed while eating, did a little work
Wow. Ya know, I never realized how jam packed my mornings were until I read that.

I was reading an article in the paper last night about weight loss. The reporter said, "Specialists generally agree that sugery is the only proven method to keep weight off." That is a LIE. My co-worker had gastric bypass a year or so ago, and she's already gaining weight. They're trying to give the impression that you can't gain weight once you have this surgery and that isn't true. I just read an article a few weeks ago detailing how some people have had the surgery TWICE because of gaining weight after the first surgery.

I love the commercial for this week's episode of Halfway House, the FOX sitcom about a group of ex-cons living together. The one chick is waving a piece of paper in front of the other people, singing and taunting, "I just got my GED..." The guy in charge of them says, "That's not your GED. That's just the application." LOL!

I *heart* small town newspaper stories. There was a story in our paper yesterday about a woman whose indoor plant had grown tremendously large. They actually interviewed a greenhouse dude, who said, "That is a good sized plant." Phew! What the story would have lacked without *that* amazing insight!

My boss was watching the Waltons yesterday and Erin had her date, GW, at her house. GW said, "I like your parents." Erin replied, "I do, too." That just struck me as hilarious. I would *hope* "liked" her parents.

I was watching CNN this morning and they were telling the story of a man who had survived cancer twice in his youth and was making it his mission to climb certain mountains. His last name was Swarner (sp?). He was preparing to climb his seventh and final mountain. Here's the frightening part: he trained by carrying 100 pounds of sand and rocks on his back...AND he was
WHISTLING while he was carrying all this weight!! WTH?! I'm breathing so hard when I do Taebo that I can't even keep up an eight count, and this dude is WHISTLING! When I'm doing Taebo and I think I can't stand one more minute of it, I usually hit that part of the tape where Billy says, "Smile! I want to see you smile when you're working hard!" That always makes ME smile. It also makes me want to choke him....


Dustin said...

My sister had the bariatric surgery done, I dont see how any one could regain the weight with it. Even almost 2yrs after the surgery, she still cant eat a full meal in one sitting. The portions they CAN eat are soooooo small due to not having the room in their stomach for it anymore...

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Ah hell, just pop diet pills 'til ya think your spincter's gonna burst, and then have a tummy-tuck -(worked for me!!)

BRUNO said...

I can understand how these types of surgeries would, indeed, work. But what I would like for someone "in the know" to tell me: For someone in their 30's-40's, what are the side effects from the process, let alone the scar tissue, 20 to 30 years later, when the body isn't as elastic, and your system is not as forgiving? Or, perhaps it's just assumed that these sort of people aren't going to live that long, anyway, huh? Sorry, folks! I'm already too old to matter, and been sawed-up enough! If it don't break, I ain't gonna fix it!

*Goddess* said...

Because over time, Dustin, your stomach will gradually start to stretch again and allow you to ingest more and more. The sad thing is I think a lot of people are missing the point: my husband's nephew had the surgery and he is STILL indulging in all sorts of garbage fast food and beer. What a wasted opportunity.

I've read, Bruno, that some people have problems with the walls of the stomach and the intestines and they have to have surgery to repair the tears. The woman I work with is constantly have problems with her colon. Not to mention the whole pesky "you can die from this surgery" issue...

R said...

i hate blogger, G. i signed up for gmail like you said but its still a mess

*Goddess* said...

LOL! I was wondering who the hell "r" was;)

BRUNO said...

Thank You, Dr. Rebecca Goddess!

But, my, aren't these people nice and healthy for at least 10 of their final years...!

OK, a bit too sarcastic there! But I just get tired of the whole "perfect-weight" deal, at an unbelievable cost, both in money and health.

*Goddess* said...

That's what makes me so damn mad, Bruno. They don't TELL you the REAL cost in both money and health. They make it seem like this easy, permanent fix and in truth, it's a dangerous operation that people die from.