Wednesday, April 04, 2007

brokeback zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mountain

I watched Brokeback Mountain this evening and I have to say this was one of thee most boooooring movies I've seen in a long time. I give it a 1/2 out of five.

I couldn't believe how slowly it moved. I must have checked the DVD clock about ten times to figure out how many more minutes were left in it.

Some of my thoughts on the movie:
1. There was a HELL of a lot of cigarette smoking going on in this movie.
2. They may have been short on food while sheepherding but there was no shortage of whiskey and cigarettes.
3. I can't believe Ennis' wife kept her mouth shut all that time, and
4. More importantly, I can't believe she encouraged him to marry again KNOWING the pain his relationship inflicted on her. Why would she do that to another woman?
5. I think the ONLY reason this movie was so popular was because it depicted gay sex between two well known Hollywood actors.
6. The sheep were purdy.

I watched it to the end--and HELLO!--couldn't understand Heath Ledger's last words. UGH. I hate it when actors mutter their way through scenes. Anybody remember what he said?
If this would have been a gay porn flick I would have bailed on it twenty minutes into the movie. Yeah, it was *that* much of a snooze fest for me.


copluvr said...

it was incredibly moving, G!

*Goddess* said...

Knock it off! You've told me that about ten times tonight. You think if you keep repeating it, I'll suddenly buy it? Who are you? George Bush? LOL!

I think it's sad when someone is trapped and feels they can't express their love, but both guys deserved a huge boot up the ass (as opposed to something else...) for dragging those two women down with them. They should have stayed single. Consequently their lies ruined four lives instead of two.

Mushy said...

The movie sucked and gave me a pain in the ass! No, really I never and will never watch it.

If it had been about banging sheep, maybe I'd watched part of it!

Strange women don't like sex between two men when guys love to watch two women...go figure.

*Goddess* said...

Actually...LOL...I *don't mind* seeing sex between two guys, but this was just weird. In the first sex scene, it was hard to tell when the punching ended and the sex began. Ugh. Fake sex is the worst.

BRUNO said...

Well, I ain't seen it either, and have no urge to! Just hearin' about it was enough for me! And, besides, with all those sheep available, why not just---NAWWW! I ain't gonna be the one that goes there.........!

*Goddess* said...

There ya go, guys. 133 minutes of your lives you *haven't* lost! Lucky you;)

bugs said...

G--do what I do and turn on your closed captioning. I started watching tv that way when Buglet was little, and now I can't watch it any other way.

*Goddess* said...

Closed captioning annoys the HELL out of me, but I never thought of that! I could have turned it on to see what Ennis was saying...UGH!!