Sunday, April 01, 2007

april flowers bring may showers

Wow. Hard to believe it's APRIL already!

I'm doing a little experimenting with my fonts because I know the print is hard to read on these stripes. I also (don't) know how to get rid of the stripes. I think this bigger, bolder print is a lot easier to read, yes?

Mr. G's laid back attitude makes me laugh sometimes. When this whole pet food scare came about, I called him from work and said, "You better check and see what kind of canned cat food we're using. "
(The dog only eats dry food.)
He said, "Eh. If it hasn't killed them by now, I don't think we have anything to worry about."

I asked the offspring what sort of Easter craft they'd like to do this year. I figured a cross made out of an egg carton or a basket made out of a milk carton.
Male Offspring #5--my Jebus freak--has decided he wants to recreate the entire Resurrection, complete with tomb and Doubting Thomas. Yeah, well good luck there. Unless we can make Jesus out of a fat free milk carton, I can't see it happening. Female Offspring #7 suggested we use marshmallow Peeps(!) to represent the apostles. Unfortunately, by the time they agreed on the project all of the apostles had been eaten, so I guess I'll have to stop at Rite Aid tomorrow and pick up a couple more boxes of apostles. Female Offspring #7 informed me that they must all be blue because "the apostles are boys."
I'm not making any promises. Experience has taught me those blue apostles go fairly early in the Easter season.


Mushy said...

Yeah...this font size is best to read...better than the last post...I had to get out my magnifying glasses to read it!

*Goddess* said...

I copied that previous post about the study from another site and for some weird reason it won't allow me to change the font/size. I've tried about four times and it looks good, but the minute I post it, it goes back to the tiny size. Oh well....I tried;)

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Oh, can I relate to this post! Thank god, mine are getting past that stage now, but don't get your hopes too high, the little cherubs only grow in to another, bigger, more demanding stage. Sigh.

They never tell you these things BEFORE you get pregnant..