Sunday, April 15, 2007


Did you notice that I did NOT mention Lassie once during the Charlotte's Web review? That is because due to a LOT of crying (and several doses of Metamucil), I have gotten that pig out of my more ways than one.

Great. Just checked the weather channel and now they're calling for "wrap around snow" through THURSDAY. What the HELL is "wrap around snow"?! And why do I just know I don't want any?

Ahhh the joys of youth. One person posted on my Hott Cops blog that we were "gross" for looking at the cops because "some of them are almost 40 years old." GASP!!!! I guess she didn't get the manual explaining that people in their 40's (and god forbid--BEYOND)can be sexy and attractive.

No wonder I didn't get "Night in the Museum" as my NetFlix pick. Bugs informed me it isn't being released until the 24th of this month. LOL! In that case, I guess I'm getting "Cars" next. I'm really enjoying all of these animated flicks.

We haven't gotten any of the Noreaster as of 5 p.m. Sunday. They keep calling for snow and sleet and rain and everything else in between, but we've just gotten light rains. It's 45 degrees, so I don't think any snow is going to stick at this point anyway. We'll see what tomorrow brings. We were supposed to get socked on Saturday. Then they changed it to Sunday, now Monday. With NY and NJ already getting zapped, I'm hoping it's going to pass us by all together. I wouldn't feel slighted either.

While biking this afternoon, I decided that I like the Allstate commercials with Dennis Haysbert because they're intelligent commercials aimed at intelligent adults. Allstate doesn't use cutesy talking animals or dreadful prehistoric cavemen to get their message across. They use a hott, sexy MAN. Allstate's best commercial? The Thanksgiving ad where Haysbert tells us how many people have burned down their houses frying their turkey. Makes me feel damn good about my (lack of) cooking skills. And yes, we use Allstate insurance;)


BRUNO said...

Wrap-around snow---huh, maybe they mean "wrap-it-around snow", so's ya' don't freeze yer ass off!(Give hubby a tube sock! If nothin' else, for his hands!)

Damn! I tried to steer it your way! Better luck next time, eh? (Would you be interested in a snow-blade on your mower, you know, just in case???)

Anonymous said...

Ummm... we watched Night At The Musem just last weekend on ppv, and they don't run new releases until exactly 6 weeks AFTER the DVD release hits the shelves. You might want to check your local rental outlet to confirm this.


*Goddess* said...

I don't know, Stacey, it says "Releases on DVD April 24th" on my NetFlix queue. I have no idea why that would be. I always thought PPV stuff ran BEFORE DVD release. BTW, how did you like it? I'm not a Ben Stiller fan at all, but the ideaof things coming alive in the museum seemed interesting to me.

No, I don't need the snow plow addition, Bruno. I have a neighbor who enjoys playing with his "toys" so much that he plows our drive way...THANK GOD!! Sometimes he's over here at 11:30 at night "playing".