Monday, April 02, 2007

all that's left is a band of gold

I really planned to get a lot of work done yesterday. But I blame the fact that I ended up napping for a couple hours instead, on Holly. She kept bugging me and bugging me and finally I just said, "Fine! We'll take a damn nap already!" For some reason I can't explain, she does not like to go in and lay on the bed by herself. And if I'm home and Mr. G takes a nap, she refuses to go with him. Apparently she thinks I'm going to have some sort of fun and she doesn't want to miss anything. If I'm not home and Mr. G naps, she'll lay with him for HOURS. Go figure. I fell into a really deep sleep, and of course, the phone rang. A hang up. Then I started to drift back to sleep and it began lightening and thundering. Ugh. It was the Universe's way of telling me I should be up working, I guess. Fortunately, I'm fairly adept at ignoring messages from the Universe, so I rolled over and slept for another two hours. I miss my naked Sundays. I used to lay in bed all BLESSED DAY on Sundays naked. I didn't get up for anything. I'd lay there reading romance novels and sleeping and snacking. And everybody knew not to expect anything out of me on Sundays.

Looks like another former child star has gone bonkers. Brian Bonsall, the dude who played Andy Keaton on Family Ties, was arrested for he pouring an alcoholic drink on his gf's face while she slept, put her in a choke hold and threw her onto a bed when she tried to leave. Damn. Who would have thought sweet little Andy would be a raving lunatic? I always thought it anyone was arrested on that show it would be Marc Price, the dude that played "Skippy." Having to play that goofy character is enough to drive anyone over the edge.

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