Friday, March 30, 2007

yummy yummy yummy i've got the Lord in my tummy....

No wonder men are so confused.
I heard a chick at the store telling another chick about how "mad" she was at her bf for being so "clueless" and not realizing she's angry with him.
Chick #1 said, "So you've broken up with him?"
Chick #2: "No, we're still dating."
Chick #1: "So you're not talking to him?"
Chick #2: "No, we're still talking."
Let's talk about being "clueless." If they're still dating and still talking, no damn wonder the guy hasn't figured out she's angry.

Ok, I confess!! I can't help but wonder how "big" Jesus is....
Sweet Jebus! Literally....
The Catholic League is outraged--which pretty much seems to be the only emotional state they're capable of---over a life sized, anatomically correct, naked chocolate Jesus. His arms are outstretched as if he's on the cross, but there's no loin cloth to cover Him as in most pics. I'm sorry but the fact that the creator called it "My Sweet Lord" makes the whole thing rather funny to me.

Ya know it's bad enough when I have idiot kids trying to post comments about cops being gay as a way of insulting them on my Hott Cops site, but when FELLOW cops do it, it's ridiculous. I guess they don't realize I can see their ISP *is* the PD's ISP and I can see which cop they're trying to comment on. Oy. What a waste of energy. Like I would ok something derogatory.

Bugs sends this link and adds that her favorite line in the piece is "...having the longest marriage among living people."
Wonder who's in the Guiness World Book of Records for having the longest marriage among dead people? My guess? Adam and Eve...if they haven't divorced by now over that hard to manage son Cain.

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