Thursday, March 08, 2007

why you wanna give me the run around?

What in the world is wrong with John Popper? Police arrested him after going 111 mph.
<---Look at all the weapons they took from his vehicle. Good grief. Sadly, the word "paranoid" comes to mind.

Yesterday Court TV published the press release that Star Jones was coming
back to tv and with it a picture of a fat Star. Today the same story link has a picture of a skinny Star. LOL!
I wonder is she' know....pushing her (lack of) weight around already?

Just finished watching "Little Miss Sunshine" and I give it a five out of five. It had the perfect mix of comedy and drama and I loved it.
Of course, the bit about them having to push the car to start it and then jump in once it was coasting seemed all too familiar.
I decided that the reason I didn't like "Stranger than Fiction" as much as I wanted to was because of Will Farrell's character.
Usually he's a total buffoon and I avoid his movies. In "Stranger Than," he did a complete turnaround
and played a stereotypical IRS employee: stooped shoulders, boring, mired in routine. I kept
waiting for him to crack SOME jokes, but he didn't, and that's why I didn't like it so much.
Next up: Farce of the Penguins.
I have to admit that whole child beauty pageant stuff is downright CREEPY, and how creepy
was it that the emcee of the Little Miss Sunshine contest looked like John Mark Carr?
When Olive started dancing to "SuperFreak," I loved it.

Ahhhh, Tuesday night I began sleeping in my own sweet bed again.
As Mr. G often says, I'm not hard to please. I was so happy to get a good night's sleep again.

Now that Mike South has made the front page of, I'm worried sick that
any day now I'll turn on Lifetime and see "The Mike South Story."
I think this is South's ticket to the Hall of Fame though. And he needs to milk this story for all it's worth.
He needs to give up that dream of inducted on content and take what he can....

I received a catalog from Spring Hill Nurseries in Ohio and they had a $25 gift coupon attached.
It said that you could take $25 off any product, you didn't have to have a certain
amount of product and if your order total was $25, you only paid shipping and handling. I thought that
was a pretty doggone generous deal, and I've been wanting to buy some creeping Phylox for a small
hillside that Mr. G has to use the weed eater on. I thought it would be pretty to have the blue, pink and scarlet phylox mixed.
As soon as I saw their prices, I realized why the were giving you $25 off. THREE Phylox plants
were $14.00 and 12 were FORTY FIVE dollars. What a rip off. Michigan Bulb, the company
that I usually buy from sells 12 for $14 and 24 Creeping Phylox for $25. Guess where I'm buying it?


Mushy said...

The only thing wrong with him is that he drives too fast!

Otherwise, he was probably heading to the range for a nice day of relaxing.

The only thing out of place is possibly the night vision head set. Otherwise, he has far fewer firearms than I do!

Rebecca said...

And you carry all of yours around with you???

BRUNO said...

Nah, man! The night-vision gear was for coon huntin'! Ya' gotta give him credit, though: He must have one helluva strong back, luggin' around all of that hardware...!

Loving Annie said...

Happy Thursday Rebecca. Glad you got a good night's sleep !

Were the phlox from Spring Hill 4" containers -- and the ones from Michigan bulb in flats ???

If not, I smell the marketing strategy of Martha Stewart somewhere...

Rebecca said...

Spring Hill's just said "three potted plants" for $14. What's the difference? Phylox should NOT be that expensive...

Rebecca said...

Sorry, Bruno, but I'm smelling a nutjob. The article also said, "The vehicle [Popper's] also had flashing emergency headlights, a siren and a public address system, the Patrol said.

"Popper indicated to troopers that he had installed these items in his vehicle because (in the event of a natural disaster) he didn't want to be left behind."

Notice he doesn't say he installed the PA so *OTHERS* wouldn't be left behind...

BRUNO said...

OK, NOW you tell the rest of the story! Well---maybe he was just a bit, um, confused??? Didn't want to get left behind, huh? Wonder where the hell he thought he was going, to "not be left behind"? (wonder if he thought about the car's GAS tank in his plans, too?)

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I don't like to give you too much of the story at one time, Bruno...LOL!