Sunday, March 11, 2007

walk right in, sit right down, baby let your mind roll on

After spending a good bit of yesterday cleaning honey in the shape of kitty kat paws out of the carpet, I decided to sit back and enjoy some episodes of my newly purchased, Hot(t) Pursuit, The First Season. What a rip off. I've never seen such poorly manufactured DVD's in my life. My DVD wouldn't even recognize two of the three discs and the one disc that would play was freezing every few seconds. I paid a whooping TEN BUCKS for it. Do you know how long I have to work at the rendering plant to earn that kind of money? There's five hours of my life I'll never get back. AND YES, I BITCHED!!So help me, if I find out they're pirated.............................

I'm thinking the Weed Claw had to be "designed" by a redneck. It's a long metal post that you attach to your power drill and you use it to rip weeds out of your yard or to dig holes for planting flowers, seeds. It's got "redneck" written all over it. And Mr. G bitches when I use his screwdrivers to dig holes. I could have been filthy rich after I invented the "Screwdigger," damn it! I could have been on Okra talking about how I became fabulously wealthy. Sigh. Coulda, woulda, ok, going to get a snack.

You know how I said Mr. G refuses to let me put up anything that has the word "WELCOME" on it? Well, last night he gave me this door mat that says, "everyone brings joy to this house...some when they enter, others when they leave." He said, "Try and find a way to change that to "Everyone brings joy to this house....immediate family when they enter, all others when they leave." Sigh.

My aunt called me last week and said she had something she wanted to give me. She's moving to Idaho to live with her daughters and so she's getting rid of all of her stuff here and selling her house.
Female Offspring #1 said, "What do you think she'll give you?"
I said, "Probably something small, but as long as she doesn't give me that ridiculous "goose for all seasons" she keeps on the front porch, I'll be happy." I don't mean to sound cruel, but we've been making fun of this thing for the last couple of years. What possesses someone to slap a damn goose on the front porch and DRESS IT UP LIKE SANTA CLAUS?! Or Uncle Sam? Or a FREAKING BUNNY RABBIT?! It makes no sense.
Well, congratulate me because I am now the proud owner of THREE FREAKING GEESE FOR ALL SEASONS! As we were carrying them out to the car, I said to FO #1, "When did she freaking adopt an entire goose family?" but she didn't answer me because she was too busy laughing. her. ass. off. Now here's the worst part: my aunt MADE clothes for them. Yes, she's one of those crafty people who can sew anything. Unfortunately.
So the geese came with a box of clothes. I'm surprised they didn't have shoes.

What do you think about Newt Gingrich admitting to an affair
at the same time he was blasting Clinton for having an affair?
Gingrich has proven himself time and time again. He had an affair with Anne Manning
while married to his first wife, who he divorced while she was going through cancer recovery. He refused to pay her alimony or child support. He married wife #2, and while married to her, had the affair he's confessed to now. He divorces wife #2 and MARRIES his affair. How dumb is she? If he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you. It's his business that he was stupid enough to have an affair but how hypocritical to be publicly pointing fingers at someone else and trying to justify that behavior by saying it was "different" for Clinton. You're both cheaters and liars. Have the decency to admit it. Now Gingrich has Falwell singing his praises for being so honest. And the stupidity continues...

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Ron Southern said...

The stupidity always continues. Sex was invented as a means of relief from politics and other human contact, so it's amazing to see politicians always having to deny that they've had any. How preposterous can humans get? Never mind, just pretend that I didn't ask that question!