Wednesday, March 07, 2007

this is how we do it baby

I was reading a Feng Shui column on marriage and the woman suggested this change if you and your spouse are fighting, "To strengthen your marriage, inspect the southwest area in each room, making sure there are no wood items."
Well, until they start making furniture out of cement, I'm going to have a bit of a problem with this idea.

Oh, gawd, noooooooooooo! Why does that snotty bitch have to ruin Court TV for me?!
“My goal is to inform, empower, educate and entertain viewers. And Court TV is the perfect place to accomplish that mission.”
Hmm, she left out the part about being an annoying pain in the rear.
One can only hope she discusses how her husband is STILL not gay....

We got about six inches of snow last night.
I let Holly out to run this morning and she was neck deep in the white stuff.

Though I fully intended to go to bed early last night to make up for lost sleep this week, just as I was ready to turn off the tv, Jim Gaffigan's special came on Comedy Central and I had to watch that. He is one of the few comedians that consistently makes me laugh. I loved his bit about the different Hot Pockets. He said, "Did you hear about the new Hot Pocket Hot Pocket? It's a Hot Pocket inside of a Hot Pocket. Tastes just like a Hot Pocket."
Then he talked about re-gifting and about how it was a good thing that the Statue of Liberty was a beautiful statue, otherwise we might have regifted it, which would have then proved embarrassing when the French came to visit. Very funny stuff. If you get a chance to see his special, check it out.


BRUNO said...

By WOOD items, I am assuming they are referring to LOOSE, EASILY-THROWN items? Never mind that METAL coat-rack, it's OK! And, BTW, they really DO make concrete furniture, it's one of those "retro, modern(?)things"! Bet it's a bitch to recline in, huh? But on the other hand, clean-up must be a snap! A shovel ought to do fine, with a little kitty-litter...!

Rebecca said...

They really make concrete furniture? For INSIDE? LOL;)

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday morning, Rebecca.

Best feng shui books i've ever read are by Jayme Barrett and Denise Linn and Karen Kingston.

Mainly I think the bottom line is clearing your space of clutter; and having the arrangement of your things FEEL good, and look pleasing/harmonious to your eyes...

Live plants always help (as opposed to silks or plastic)...

Rebecca said...

I had to get rid of my plants because Holly kept digging in them, Anne. But I miss them because it was so nice to see GREEN in the dead of winter, ya know?

And yeah, I agree about the clutter. Funny how we all love to collect "stuff," but I feel so much better when I've gotten rid of a lot of my "stuff". I don't know how packrats can stand it!