Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tell me that you like it

I had to call the city to clean out the sewer at work today. The guy comes to the door and says, "It's definitely clogged."
Duh. The two inches of standing sewer water in the basement already confirmed that. As did the smell....

Now that they've been caught dead to rights, the military is admitting there
were "mistakes" made in the handling of Pat Tillman's death. Gee, ya think?
And maybe, just maybe covering up the truth was a big part of those "mistakes"?

I love this sort of stuff. On Oprah, this chick wrote in about her teacher and during the
class Oprah suddenly starts talking to her and she's all shocked. I could almost believe it
I guess they'll have us believe that she always teaches class with a microphone and a camera trained on her.

This is every phone conversation I've had with Mr. G since my dad's been in the hospital.
Me: "hello?"
Mr. G: "Where are you?" after telling him about four times I would be visiting my dad
Me: "The hospital, remember?"
Mr. G: "STILL?! Why so late?"
This is usually followed by the sort of groan a man in prison gives when he thinks about all the pussy he's missing.
Me: "Honey, it's only TEN AFTER SEVEN." Oy.
When you go to bed at eight every night, seven is like midnight.

Hey, Dustin, I love your hair! I tried to leave a comment on your site about five times today but it wouldn't take for some reason...


Dustin said...

Thanks, msn is buggy like that sometimes. Sometimes it will let ya...others it wont...thank god I have today and tomorrow off of work! Oh and the purple faded out within about 2 weeks of getting it done...but I do still have blonde streaks now... :D

*Goddess* said...

You look good with blonde hair, too. You have a pic of yourself with longer blonde hair and that looks great on you, too.

Oooh, so the purple was just a temporary dye. Great way to try it out. I've often wanted to try one of those burgundy colors, but I doubt I could carry it off! Maybe if I was 0 years younger...LOL!

Dustin said...

The purple was supposed to be perm. but it didnt turn out to be...oh well, at least I had them for a couple weeks, and once I am able to not have to work again, I do plan on redo'ing them. :D

So glad to hear your dad is going home from the hospital! Have kept him in my thoughts!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I didn't realize you could get permanent colors in shades like purple. I thought all of those were just rinse in things.

Thanks for the good wishes.

BTW, I'm glad to see you're blogging again. And now that you're working in the customer service segment of society--I'm sorry about that, btw;)--I'm sure you'll have PLENTY to blog about!

Dustin said...

Eh, isnt so much CS yet, as it is more just doing the bakery nook at a buffet. Supposed to be doing server, but they ahve me doing "cashier" i have been on the registers all of 1 day out of 6 now...