Thursday, March 29, 2007

so relax, max, i hate to stop you in your tracks, max

I've been having a heck of a lot of problems with FireFox freezing on me since I dl'ed their latest version last week.
I've done a couple virus scans and adware scans and I'm still having the problem. Anybody else having trouble?

Ok, between the disgusting ads for "Vacancy" and "Touristas," I don't even want to turn on the tv, let alone travel.
It would be nice if these writers focused on writing a good, interesting plot, instead of just attemping to gross us out.

I officially hate the Amp Mobile "Where you at?" commercial. And have you noticed the people in the commercial are all black? Are they trying to imply black people don't speak proper English? Hmmm, maybe we can get the cavemen and the black folk all riled up, and they'll boot the two commercials I hate the most: Amp Mobile and the dumbass GEICO caveman ads. Remember when I posted my daily prayer the other day? I forgot the line, "Lord, whatever you do, PUHLEEZE don't let that GEICO Caveman tv pilot take off. I don't think I could stand it."


BRUNO said...

Did you download it MANUALLY, by your choice, or did it download through the AUTO-UPDATE? Mine upgraded with the auto-update, and works FINE(yet!) It also might have "issues" with your version of firewall, and/or anti-virus. Try "check for updates" in the drop-down HELP link, to be certain you have the "current" new version! I think they got a coupla "hairs" to cull out yet!

*Goddess* said...

It was the auto update, Bruno. Hell, if I had to depend on my own memory to check for updates, I'd never get 'em!
Ooooh, never thought about the anti-virus cuz I just switched to a freebie called PC Tools.

Mushy said...

I don't normally use FireFox, but I did download the update tonight. I'll keep my eye on it for trouble.

Whoever that Silverback dude is sure is stupid! He probably thanks you for the link though.

mike said...

thay are calling this new trend in horror movies ' torture porn', and it is an apt description. I am baffled that ABC thinks we need to see more caveman on tv. I would rather see a show about the gecko.

*Goddess* said...

I don't know who that Silverback dude is either, but he sure has a heck of a lot of blogs! I thought *I* was bad;)

"Torture porn"? I've never heard that term but if the commercials are anything to go by that's about right. It's disgusting.

*Goddess* said...

"Torture porn" will further solidify the belief that porn is violent. Damn.