Tuesday, March 27, 2007

smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette

Jerry Falwell said the debate over global warming is a tool of Satan being used to
distract churches from their primary focus of preaching the gospel. Hmm, I thought
their "primary focus" was scamming people out of as much $ as possible all in the name of the Lord...

LOL! Somebody actually wrote an article on the PROS and cons of smoking. I had no
idea there WERE pros. This is what they listed, along with my thoughts:
1) Most of the smokers believe that they feel a very strong bonding with other smokers.
Sure you have a bond. You're all ruining your health together.
Get a damn dog. You'll soon discover a strong bond with other pet owners.
2) Smokers enjoy a sense of gratification by smoking.
If you want gratification, jack off. It's great for your blood pressure, and it won't even harm your lungs.
3) Smoking cigarettes give smokers the feeling of creating a ritual.
Ritual? Walk your new dog every day.
4) Nicotine gives a feeling of pleasure to the smokers.
Buy a vibrator.
5) Watching the smoke swirl and the cigarette burn is a fun for most of the smokers.
Watching the smoke swirl and the cigarette burn is FUN? Geez, I thought my life was boring.
I think the reality is that most people start because it makes them look cool, then it becomes a stress relieving habit they can't break and they do it to stay thin.


Dustin said...

I started smoking cause I was tripping one night and liked the tracers I got off the cigs....now I just have issues quitting... :(

*Goddess* said...

The sad thing is people usually get hooked for dumb reasons, then they get addicted and can't stop. Not unlike me and chocolate....

Dustin said...

I feel for ya on the chocolate. I was recently diagnosed as bi-polar and put on Lithium. Apparently, caffiene makes bi-polar people agressive. So...guess what I cut out of my diet pretty much completely?? Yep...caffiene...that includes chocolate.. :( I have it now, but very rarely.