Saturday, March 31, 2007

a rush of blood to the head

<---Ok, I admit. I kinda expected The Lord to be bigger than that. My bad.

Dear Blogger, if I can't get your friggidy word verification right THE FIRST TIME, don't make the second one even HARDER and MORE JUMBLED!! I feel like I'm flunking the eye chart.
A Goddess Who Refuses to Buy Bifocals

Your "Are You Smarter Than" answers for yesterday:
1. Troposphere (puhleeze, like I even guessed)
2. Hawaii (missed that, I said Florida)
3. Nile (missed that, I said the Amazon)
4. 5280 feet (guessed 'who the hell gives a shit?!')
5. 2 moons (guessed 'planets don't have friggin' moons! what's wrong with these idiots?!')
6. True (didn't guess anything. I was too busy concentrating on my evening snack)
7. 3 (ditto the snack)
8. Zero (ditto the snack)
9. James (missed that, I guessed John)

Some junk food companies, along with soda companies are forming a task force to fight childhood obesity. If that's not the funniest damn thing I've heard in a long time, I don't know what is. Ooo! I know. Let's bring the cigarette companies in on this, too. Make it a real side-splitter.

Did you hear about the Labrador Retriver that jumped on his owner's chest when she was choking on an apple, thus performing the Doggie Heimlich manuever? I hate to break it to this woman, but I don't think that dog was trying to help her. Case in point, the minute the piece of apple came flying out, the dog ate it.

Damn. I'm really missing that notepad function of the Google Desktop now that I uninstalled it. Course I'm not missing the slow ass computer it caused. I'll be honest, though, and admit that the only reason I got Desktop was so I could use the gmail offline alerts. Sigh. Yet another feature I miss. One thing that I dl'ed yesterday that I really like is called Cool Timer. It allows you to set a timer onscreen and it plays any mp3 or wav file when your time has expired. I like it because there are times I'm on the computer in the living room and Mr. G will say, "tape boxing for me in an hour." Because my Direct TV box won't pick up my VCR signal, I have to use an egg timer to remind me, but this way I can just use the timer right on my computer. The only thing is that I'm notorious for keeping my sound turned OFF, so I have to remember to keep it on. (Although it does flash in the system tray.)
I just wish it had more sound options other than a dumbass horn. You know, something like, oooooh I don't know ....AN ALARM CLOCK SOUND?!


Mushy said...

Are talking about his body or know?

If it's his, you know, I was pretty jealous myself!

*Goddess* said...

I was talking about know. Come on, for being The Lord, I thought it would be waaaay bigger;)