Sunday, March 25, 2007

part of me used to love you, part of me still does

South switched my site mail to my Gmail account, and I like it so much better than Yahoo.
Gmail gives you the first line of the email without having to open it, so I don't have
to sit there and try to figure out from the subject title whether or not it's spam. Sweet.

I was reading the Sunday paper this morning and I came across an ad for Nutrisystem in
the Parade section of the paper. This is an acutal quote from a Nutrisystem user, John Kruk, zee
baseball player: "My wife told me I'm not as disgusting to her as I used to be."
What a thing to say to your spouse. What made me laugh the most though was the phrasing "...not AS disgusting...".
"Why honey, if you keep losing weight at this rate, I'll soon be able to keep my eyes open during sex!"

I was reading a story online this morning about two eighth grade students who posted threatening comments on their MySpace and were arrested in Prairieville, Lousiana. What had me rolling was this line, "Both of the eighth grade boys, ages 13 and 16, were booked..."
SIXTEEN YEARS OLD and he's in freaking 8th grade?!!
Well, that explains the stupidity in posting threats on the internet.

I was thinking about buying the new Stevie Nicks' CD, Crystal Visions, which features her greatest hits. I LOVE Stevie. Can't understand half of what she says, but I love her. The more I think about it, though, I think I'm going to buy used CD's of some of her albums that I have on vinyl and cassette. I want to pick up "Rock a Little," "The Wild Heart" and "Bella Donna," my three favorite SN's releases. I don't really know why Crystal Visions is being touted as the only CD that has Stevie's greatest hits, when Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks has her greatest hits. I think I have that cassette somewhere, too.
One of my favorite SN songs is Stand Back. I heart the guitar solo and the music is just great. I Can't Wait has great music, too.
Stop Dragging My Heart Around is a favorite song lyrically, and The Edge of Seventeen is good lyrically, but the music gets a tad monotonous.


Mushy said...

Stevie was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show...quite good.

I've always loved her and once won a free concert, Caddy ride, and dinner to see her. I sat on the 6th row and imagined all kind of good stuff.

The Edge of Seventeen isn't monotonous if you love good electric guitar playing!

*Goddess* said...

Wow. Lucky you! Have any good pics of her?