Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nu shuze

I did it, people! I got up at 4:45 a.m. and did my Taebo. I knew I could do it!

Ok, after seeing the commercials for "Vacancy," I am NEVER staying at a cheap motel again. Next time I have to drive to Georgia, you better be prepared to pony up for a GOOD hotel, South. OR MY DEATH WILL BE ON YOUR CONSCIENCE!!
Why, oh why do I get the feeling he'd be willing to take that chance...

I stopped in to see my gf on Tuesday. Her brother and her brother-in-law got into a HUGE screaming match while I was there. B-I-L said B borrowed his truck and brought it back filthy. B-I-L said it was filthy when he borrowed it. The argument escalated into a shoving match because well, they're only in their 30's and shouldn't be expected to deal with their problems in a mature fashion. In the midst of all this, my gf, bless her heart, says, "Both of you calm down and have a beer."
The minute she said that the "Bad Boy's" theme from COPS began running through my head. It's always smart to introduce alcohol into a volatile situation. Hell, I'm surprised she didn't suggest they take their frustration (and beer) to the shooting range because once you have a gun in your hand and beer in your gut, cooler heads are sure to prevail.

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