Monday, March 12, 2007

lather, rinse, repeat

I bought one of those Vidalia Chop Wizard...ok, a rip off of the VCW, and I LOVE IT!!
It works best with things that don't have skins, like peeled cukes and apples, and there's no way on God's green earth that you can chop an ENTIRE onion in a second like it shows on the commercial. You have to cut things into pieces and onions are one of the things that gives me trouble. I like to make a salad for lunch every day and the onions and peppers are a tad hard to chop, but it can be done. This will be great for chopping zucchini and melons in the summertime.

I can't get over how BAD Rob Cordrry's new show is. There's nothing the least bit funny about it. I think a more appropriate name would be "The Loser" instead of "The Winner."

Note to self: do not use the words "whooper" or "whopper" in any more of your posts until South is on his feet and has a life again.

I see former Picksburgh Steeler quarterback Kordell Stewart is going to be on an
episode of Spike's Pro's vs. Joe's. At this point in time, I'm just not sure if he's the "pro" or the "joe".....

I watched "Farce of the Penguins" Saturday night. Very funny stuff. If you've seen March of the Penguins and you like raunchy humor, you'll like this. It was written by Bob Saget and features him, Lewis Black, Mo'nique and Christine Applegate as the main characters. Tracy Morgan's character is hilarious. My favorite penguin lines were "Nature really fucked us. We can't even jerk off." Christine's penguin character said, "I'm sick of the club scene," and Mo'nique replied, "So are the baby seals." Thanks, Dustin, good recommendation!
Next up, "Thank You For Smoking."

And the Peter Pan fiasco gets worse. Now the company is recalling jars of peanut butter
from as far back as 2004 because again, they all start with the 2111 number.
Ok, if you're hanging on to a jar of peanut butter from 2004, salmonella might not be your biggest problem.

I must now muster all my deviously clever Goddessy skills and try to convince Mr. G to buy a new tv, even though our current one is working. Why? Because I cannot tape on my new DVD player NO HOW. Not even with that freaking rf modulator. I can WATCH
dvd's but even then I have to change all the connections, and change them all back when I want to watch a video. I want to be able to record DVD's though. So now I have to use all my feminine wiles and then when that fails, WHINE LIKE HELL. This is yet another one of those times I wish Mr. G was a techie geek, who insists on the latest technology, but alas he still doesn't even know how to set the clock on the VCR....


Dustin said...

Glad you liked the movie! Amazing how funny it was isnt it?!?

Im lucky, my husband IS a techie geek that has to have all the latest items...19" LCD monitors...56" wide screen projection TV...entire workout equipment...yeah...I'm spoiled. :D

Ron Southern said...

Anyone who has a 2004 jar of Peanut Butter just doesn't like peanut butter and should just throw it away. Fuck getting your money back, you should have to pay a fine for insulting the PB!

*Goddess* said...

It was funny, Dustin, considering they didn't even bother to make the penguins look like they were talking!

Ahh, well, I guess my husband *not* being a techie saves us money at least. Sigh.

*Goddess* said...

A jar of pb couldn't last that long at my place, Ron!