Thursday, March 22, 2007

its a small world after all

I stopped at my niece's house yesterday and her 9 year old son was sitting on the couch watching tv. I think he acknowledged me, I'm not sure.
I don't mean for this to turn into one of those "when I was your age" bullshit posts, but it was a fairly nice day here on Wednesday and this kid was holed up in the house. I can remember when I was younger, the minute our chores were finished we were out the door until my dad whistled for us to come for supper. Like so many hungry puppies, we'd all come running. OR ELSE. My dad would whistle twice, but if you missed it the second time, be prepared for an ass whoopin'. The funny thing is I could hear that whistle even INdoors playing in my gf's basement.
But we were always smart enough to get outside as soon as we could when we were off of school or in the summer, because if we didn't, my mother would find something--aka work--for us to do.
And the thing is we never ran out of things to do outside. I don't remember ever sitting in the house watching tv all afternoon, unless it was a snowy Sunday. We would sled ride on Sundays, then come inside and watch the Sunday afternoon Million Dollar Movie. Yeah, I know I'm dating myself with that reference. The movie was usually a comedy or a romance, so I loved to watch. I still remember watching (and loving)
"The World of Henry Orient" on a snowy Sunday afternoon. That movie jump started my stalking career.
But during the week, we we always outside doing something: hopscotch, playing with our dolls, juming rope, riding bikes, laying under the trees reading Tiger Beat Magazine. Hell, *anything* to stay OUT of the house and below Mom's "chore radar".

Yesterday after coloring my hair, I conditioned it for two minutes and while I was waiting for the timer to go off, I perused the directions.
Always pays to read the directions *after* you use the product.
They must write these things for IDIOTS. It said, "Pierce the colorant tube using the pointed tip of it's cap. Squeeze the tube's entire contents into Applicator bottle. Do not point either end of tube towards face while opening."
That reminded me of every cartoon I've ever seen where the guy points a hose in his face to see why it's not working.
Another favorite line of directions was this one: "Do not inhale or ingest."
Hmm, I'm really hungry, think I'll have a peanut butter and an extra light ash blonde sandwich.


Dustin said...

On a nice day, my kids arent allowed to stay in the house and just sit on their asses and watch TV. Hell every nice day we have had so far, even mom has been outside with them. 4 times in the last couple weeks, I have gone outside with them (the youngest two I have to, they still arent old enough or know better enough yet). They would ride their bikes and I would walk the dog, and we would go for about 45 minutes the first time we did it, last time was about an hour and a half.

Kids these days...and they wonder why childhood obesety is on the rise... =/

*Goddess* said...

I think part of the problem, Dustin, is that the parents don't want to go outside with them, like you do. Heck, my mother never did. Then again there were so many of us, she didn't have to worry....if one of us got into something we shouldn't, the others would surely rat us out;)

Loving Annie said...

We were always outside playing. Maybe one hour of television a week. Maybe. It was more fun to be outside playing forts, riding bikes, hopscotch, tetherball, swimming, exploring local walking trails, whatever...