Monday, March 19, 2007

i can't help myself, i've got to see you again

Every night before I go to bed, I say this little prayer, "Dear Lord, please bless my
husband, my offspring and all my family--You know who they are, I don't need to name them. Besides, we'd both be here all night if I did. Take care of Holly and the ragamuffin cats. As for the cats, it wouldn't hurt if You increased their hunting skills.
The rat that ran over my foot in the living room yesterday makes me think they've become soft and lazy. I also wouldn't be the least bit upset if You refreshed their little pea brains as to how to cover up their stinky poo in the litter box!!!
Please bless all my friends, including my online and imaginary friends, except for Tito Klungfunker. His neediness pisses me off. I can't be his personal Jesus!! No offense to Your Son, who IS his personal Jesus.
Please protect my home and my neighbor's homes.
And now for my special intentions: Take care of Dad and light a fire under his ass so he
gets out of bed more without me having to nag him about it for the 7ooth time.
Also, please put the idea into his head that wearing underwear is a GOOD thing.
Lord, please let Mike South's back get better in time for fishing season.
And Lord, I would really appreciate if You could speed things up there because if
South picks out one more spelling error on my site, I'm gonna have to kill him, which would violate the Sixth Commandment.
Sure I pretty much break all the others, but have a heart, that's the one I *haven't* broken!
Last but not least, a new TV, Lord. I don't need to tell You why.
Oh, and if I must be stopped by a cop today, please let him be HOTT and NICE and most importantly, IN A GOOD MOOD. Amen."

My sister remarked that her son was losing weight and I said, "What's he doing? Maybe I can try it." She laughed and said, "He's got a new girlfriend."
Cool. Now all I have to do is find myself a boyfriend, and I'm well on the road to Skinnyville...

Josh Lewis--Jay's brother, not the oil magnate on Guiding Light--has a Pic-A-Day blog
with some great snapshots. Check it out. His dog is absolutely adorable.
I don't know the breed but the kids on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir had one like it.

I don't know the name of the product, but currently there's a hearing aid type device being advertised on tv that lets you hear many times clearer than you can hear now. At one point in the commercial it says, "Ever wonder what people across the room are saying? Now you can listen in discreetly." Oh, yes, because we all know eavesdroppers hear good of themselves. Then it shows some chick at her mailbox listening in on a conversation across the street. That is ridiculous, using this product to encourage people to shamelessly eavesdrop on someone's conversation. Have the decency to struggle with lip reading like the rest of us...

So I was reading an article in the paper about getting more out of your day, and it said to
write down what you're doing every half hour. Then you look for "time devouring sink holes."
Wow. That sounds fairly nasty, doesn't it?
Let's check out my schedule for Sunday:
3:00--watched COPS
3:30--watched COPS
4:00--watched COPS
4:30--watched COPS
5:00--made and ate supper while watching COPS
5:30-6:30--walked Holly
7:00--watched COPS
7:30--watched COPS
8:00--watched COPS
8:30--watched COPS
9:00--watched COPS
Wow. When you see it all written out like that, it's mind boggling. It's pretty hard
NOT to see what my "time devouring sink hole" is: Holly.
Obviously I need to stop walking that dog. She's cutting in to my valuable COPS time.
Thank God that eye opening article came along when it did!

Anybody else out there do Taebo? I'm looking for a few song titles. There's one song that plays in the background of one of Billy's advanced tapes and I'm wondering if anyone knows the song. Obviously it's been mega-mixed into a dance song, but the lyrics I can figure out are, "That's the beat of a disco, come on and dance." It's either that or "That's the thing with a disco, come on and dance." I can't quite make that third word out. I thought it was "beat," but Billy seems to be singing "thing." They had a great speeded up version of Oye Como Va and I dl'ed one from "Kinky," which sounds a lot like it, but the one on the Taebo tape was even faster than Kinky's version. Anybody know the name of a band that does a fast dance version of Oye Como Va?


Loving Annie said...

Hope you have a good Monday, Rebecca !

Loving Annie said...

Awwww, 98 Harmony Court... Romantic sounding, isn't it ???