Thursday, March 01, 2007

i am under arrest, i have the right to remain silent

The cops in East Point, Georgia, have a great sense of humor.

Check out their "Self Arrest Form."


Loving Annie said...

So did you send yours in for the premediatated thoughts of strangulation of Overtime Hawg ???

Loving Annie said...

I wonder if spelling things wrong is a midemeanor ?

Rebecca said...

No, but I did arrest myself *twice* for Excessive Drooling at Hott Cops;)
Thank God it isn't a crime...LOL.

BRUNO said...

Could you imagine the kind of idiot who actually WOULD fill one of these things out? And then most likely walk FREE, because of some sort of "extenuating-circumstances"?

Reminds me of what our sheriffs dept. done a while back. Sent letters to those with outstanding warrants. Told them they were due "unclaimed bail-money" from their earlier incarceration. It could be claimed at the sheriffs office. (Something like three-forths of them actually showed up! One guy actually had to be restrained after he was told there was no money! I guess four-more months didn't hurt him...!)

Rebecca said...

I loved the one on COPS, Bruno, when they told people with outstanding warrants that they had a free tv for them and all they needed was their approval and they'd bring it to them. LOL. Cruel, but funny.