Saturday, March 03, 2007

hey hey you you i don't like your girlfriend

Just finished watching "The Secret," and right off the top of my head I have to say the
director of this film gets an award for "Most Overuse of the Green Screen". They had one scene
in which a lady was supposed to be outdoors in Rome and I swear she looked like she was sitting next to a cornfield. While I thought the movie had lots of excellent advice, I think they layered it with too much pseudo drama. Several times it was mentioned that only a few knew "The Secret" and they agreed that the Secret would never be revealed to the public.
Umm, hello? It's pretty much laid out right in the Bible.
Speaking of The Secret, when she heard I was watching the DVD, Female Offspring #1 sent me
this story about people involved in the making of movie fighting over profits.
(Tsk, tsk, what would Jesus say?)
I could not help but laugh at Rhonda Byrne's typical New Age response to the fighting,
"“I’m grateful to have had the journey with them for the time that we had." Now that's hilarious.

I was watching a little of a documentary on animal rescue in a flooded area.
As the house was filling up with water, a mother cat had taken her kittens and
put them in a CEILING light fixture so they wouldn't drown.
And people think animals are stupid. I'm still trying to figure out how she got them up there without dropping them.

I went into the garage yesterday and I could hear a freaking woodpecker pecking on the outside wall. I stepped out and sho' nuff, there he was pecking his little brains out.
I'm like, "Hey, jackass! That's my garage you're destroying! Amscray!"

I was flipping channels the other day and I caught a snippet of a Pastor Reynolds on FOX News.
The pastor was promoting his new "message" about dieting, and he mentioned that dieting and exercise were mentioned frequently in the Bible. The interviewer said, "Would Jesus really care if people were fat?"
The pastor replied with these words of wisdom, "The two basic things in the Bible are eat less and exercise more."
Really? All this time I thought the Bible was filled with that pesky Word of God.
Well, now that loaves and fishes parable is making more a lot more sense.
Only one guy brought food because all the others were watching their weight....


BRUNO said...

I wondered if you were gonna work-in the "loaves and fish" parable! Never let it be said that you disappoint the imagination!

Be glad it's a wood-pecker, and not a wood-HEN. They've got peckers about 4 inches long!

That didn't come out too good, did it?

Rebecca said...

I was gonna say "wooo hooo" for the FEMALE woodhens! Then I realized you were talking snouts and not whoha's;(