Tuesday, March 13, 2007

free to do what i want any old time

Life is GOOD!! I downloaded the Google Desktop feature and it is constantly flashing different pictures from my Hott Cops folder!!

So last night while Mr. G and I were walking I decided to go for broke.
I said, "I want to get a new tv."
And Mr. G said, "Mike South has poisoned your mind! There's nothing wrong with our tv."
I countered with, "But I can't record DVD's! And I can only watch DVD's if I unhook everything and rehook it to watch the VCR."
Then he gave me the line he ALWAYS gives me, "Well, if we win the lottery, you can buy a new one." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

I was sorry to read about Richard Jeni's suicide. I thought he was very funny
and I always enjoyed watching his stand up routines.
I could relate to a lot of his stuff about growing up Catholic, and one of my favorite
bits was when he talked about Catholic schools having "cloak rooms," (they do call them that!) and he questioned who among us wore cloaks?
He also did a funny bit about the song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, that I really liked.

Gas prices have been going up and are expected to keep going up into April.
While the time change is supposed to SAVE money, CNN is saying that it might cost us more in the way of gas because people might stay on the roads longer. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? That something Bush assured us would SAVE us money is going to COST us money?
I'd really like someone to explain to me how this time change saves the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil Bush said it would. Most of us are still driving to work the same amount of hours, and we're still heating our homes the same amount of hours, so where does the big save come in?
It was also reported on the news that the gas prices are rising now BECAUSE the early time change has actually added more weeks to the "summer driving" time.
Why the fuck we have to pay for SUMMER driving in March is beyond me.

With all the talk of child safety and Britney getting blasted in the media for this very thing,
what gives with Madonna riding with her 17 month old child on her lap? She's been a mother long enough to know better.

Have you seen this story? I missed it when it ran last month.
The doctor might have a right to set the standards of his office, but didn't Jesus talk of healing the sick? I love the line in the story about the doctor not having to see anyone he "doesn't approve of." Again, is that Jesus like behavior?
What also doesn't make it right is the fact that some of the doctor's other patients DO have tattoos.

Well, well, well. Mizz Oprah implied that she built her school for African girls because American kids took things for granted and didn't APPRECIATE the value of an education. On CNN yesterday, they reported that some of the families whose children attend the school say it is too strict, makes it difficult to keep in touch with their kids, and they regret sending their daughters there. Why some even compared it to a prison. Ooooo, how's that for appreciation, Okra? Looks like they don't appreciate your 200 thread count sheets, fireplaces, private rooms and in school SPA after all. Parents say cell phone and email correspondence is forbidden during the school week. Sorry, Mizz Okra, but I can't help but think some of us Amerikan parents would be only too glad to limit contact with our kids. Parents say families can only visit once a month, girls can only have four visitors in a month, and all visits must be approved by the school two weeks ahead of time. The school said it is only looking out for the welfare of the gals.


Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning, Rebecca.

I think Oprah was trying to do a nice thing. She had an idea that she wanted to implement, and spent her own hard-earned money on making that vision come true.

Ingratitude stinks no matter what country it is in.

Loving Annie said...

Just went on the web and researched the 'oprah winfrey leadership acadademy'.
Everything about the school looks awesome. I cannot fathom what the parents are complaining about. It looks like a totally amazing opportunity in a wonderful setting, geared towards learning and developing with all the up-to-date materials any teacher or student could wish.
Normally I don't get on a soapbox about school. But the web site alone was enough to impress me.
I think I'd count myself very lucky indeed if my child was able to attend there.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I know the school was opulent, Anne, I wasn't kidding about the fireplaces, in school spa and private rooms.

I think, though, that as much as you want to be happy for your child/sibling, when you're struggling day to day to make ends meet, jealousy rears it's ugly head.