Thursday, March 22, 2007

fill my holes

Mr. G and I like to watch King of Queens around suppertime each night. We like the older ones, before Carrie became the hormonal bitch from Hell, calling Doug a "moron" and a "freaking idiot" every five minutes. In my opinion, Jerry Stiller is what makes the show so funny. We were watching an episode yesterday in which Jerry's character, Arthur, was working at a pretzel shop. The young kids would come in, buy a pretzel and he'd check their cards. After so many checks, they'd get a free pretzel. The snots would go out of the store and come back a few minutes later, having checked their own cards. Arthur bawled them out, telling them he knew exactly what they were up to. He said, "I may not be young and hip like you guys. I may not listen to your Dave Clark Five..." LOL! I thought that was hilarious considering the Dave Clark Five was popular in the Sixties.

Mr. G and I were talking the other night about how people in the Bible lived to be over 900 years old. I said, "900 years old? Good grief, how many years of those years would a chick have her period? If I have to suffer through 700 years of menstrual cramps and leaky maxi pads, forget it."

Jerry Seinfeld hit the nail on the head when he talked about how when one guy is working
on something, you'll see several others standing around watching.
The neighbor is digging a new garage and I was sitting near the window working on my laptop.
Ten minutes into it, there were four guys standing around staring down into the big hole as if it held all the secrets of life.

You will *never* see this with women.

Say woman #1 is dusting, and along comes woman #2 to "watch." Woman #1 would put up with that for about five seconds before saying, "Don't just sit there. Grab a rag and help." LOL! We're not stupid.

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