Tuesday, March 27, 2007

even when your hope is gone, move along move along just to make it through

Tomorrow will be a test of my mettle to see how dedicated I really am. Because I start an hour early, I'll have to get up at 4:45 a.m. to do my exercise before work. UGH. We're taking off walking the dog Thursday and Friday, so if I want two days off completely,
I gotta do my Taebo tomorrow. If I wait till after work, it's harder for me to get through all that AND then a walk.

Bugs writes: "We've been having trouble getting Da Buglet to stay sitting still while riding the bus. So, I told him to pretend that he's wearing a seatbelt like the one he wears in our car. Thebus driver reported vast improvement, so it worked. But tonight, Buglet just couldn't get to sleep, so finally he said, "Mommy, should I pretend I have seatbelts on my eyes?"
LOL! I love the way kids think.

Ok, question for you: if you were pregnant and wanted to have an abortion, would $500 stop you? Texas is considering offering women who want abortions $500 to carry their baby to term and give it up for adoption. Abortion is not a personal choice for me, but IF I were having a baby and didn't want it, and felt that abortion was the only way out, $500 would NOT be NEAR ENOUGH $ to make me change my mind. To me it sounds like they're trying to buy babies. Speaking of selling kids--smooth segue, huh?--I have a couple who are about to enter their terrific teens, and as we all know, other than their tremdendous two's the teens are the best period of their lives. So I'd be making a real sacrifice getting rid of--I mean, generously offering someone else the chance to experience the joy of the terrific teens. Email me, we'll talk turkey.

And another question for you this morning, what do you think about the Catholic School that is telling their students they may NOT have a MySpace account? St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic school recently banned MySpace accounts at school AND home. Excuse me? At home? I thought "home" was Mom and Dad's domain, not the Catholic Church's. I know they're trying to keep the kids safe, but the Church has a way of overstepping it's boundaries.

I'm so pissed at one of my imaginary friends. I modeled my new jeans for him,
and I said, "Damn. Do these make my ass look fat?"
And he said, "No, that fat on your ass makes your ass look fat." What a bitter, bitter prick.

This week is kicking my ass. Because my dad's in the hospital, I've been getting up
BEFORE work and doing my Taebo/recumbent bike. I've been getting up at 5:30 and
doing 50 minutes of TB and 30 of the bike. I feel GREAT in the morning, but by the time
I get to the hospital at 6, I'm ready to fall asleep in the chair. The shitty thing is that once
I leave the hospital--usually around 7 or a 7:15, we have to walk the dog for
45 minutes. Ugh. The last four days I've been in bed before 9:30, which means I have
about 2o minutes computer time in the evening.


Loving Annie said...

How is your Dad doing today, Rebecca ?

*Goddess* said...

Coming home at noon! YAY, him!

Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

Mushy said...

Thinking of your dad.

It's probably a good thing you're spending less time on the computer...we get too wrapped up in it sometimes.

Doing what's more important is the best path.

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Mushy. I'm so glad he's coming home. I hate to see him sitting there all day for two or three lousy trips up and down the hall in the afternoon. He can do that at home.

Yeah, I know it's best in the long run not being on the computer. I keep wondering what the heck I spent all my time on BEFORE I got a computer?;)

BRUNO said...

Lessee, before the PC---well, I used to write out orders, pay bills, jot down reminders on sticky-notes for posting, ALL IN LONGHAND, with "snail-mail"! Unfortunately, the PC made all of this too simple & quick for me! Now I'm spoiled on it! Even though I DO have a lot more free time to scratch my ass, now.....!